Saturday, June 7, 2008

ModernGear Men: Forgetful Working Dad

Good day, sons and daughters of the world. After taking a short break from the Father's Day festivities to extol the virtues of peasant blouses, let's recap the great gift suggestions for Dad from last week.

First we had Clocky, the clock that gets Dad out of bed whether he likes it or not. Then we moved on to helping Dad get clean and clean-shaven in the morning. Then we prepared Dad for a day at work - whatever kind of work he does - with a cool waterbottle and an ultra-hip recycled vinyl billboard bag.

So let's continue. It's time for Dad to kick off his Freudian Slippers ($24 at and get out the door.

iconBut hopefully not before seeing an important note he or another member of the household left, in the form of these awesome Do Not Forget Door Hangersicon; $10 for two pads of 50 pages each. (Maybe it's a grocery and errand list or a reminder that would inevitably get left on a kitchen table...or maybe just a sweet love note...)Now let's talk about your Dad's office. That desk really needs some spicing up, some humour. The Mr. P. One Man Try Tape Dispenser by Thai design company Propaganda adds a funny twist to a run-of-the-mill task and will bring a smile to your Dad's face whenever he sees it.

Available in blue and green at for $25

and in white for $21 at,

and $22 at

We'll leave him for a quiet day of work now (or just playing with his tape dispenser), and tomorrow we'll give Green Thumb/Handy Dad gifts for better gardening and projects around the house.

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