Sunday, June 1, 2008

Current obsessions

J. Crew's Liberty vintage-floral perfect shirt, $118, as seen here.

Oh dear Lord. Three-strap Mary Janes from Christian Louboutin. Hold me.

Chloe leather knee high boots (come to Mama)

Elizabeth and James - Plaid Button Back Shirt

MBT Lami sandal/shoes from$230

cellulite treatment and firmer thighs: priceless

Heidi Merrick Traveling Dress
black pique and turquoise silk habutai

Jennifer Meyer
Stackable rings

$125 each at

Gerard Darel
24 Hour bag black leather $450

24 Hour bag with front zip pocket in charcoal leather $550


Goyard Croisière travel bag
(you know, this used to be an obsession but then I saw a picture of Pam Anderson carrying one...and I am officially over it...can I ever get the love back??)



Oh, Tam... you have such awesome taste. Those bags are the bomb!

ModernGear TV said...

Thank you, Jas! I am really really coveting one. There was recently a way to get one on sale but I couldn't muster even the $500+. Some time soon I shall treat myself!

Marisa said...

I am happy to see you again! Yea! I am sooo adding you to my blog! I love your zest for life! Your go for it attitude is such an inspiration.

susy said...

Ohhhh. Those buttery, beautiful boots. Sooo very nice!

I'm really enjoyoing reading your blog. Thanks so much for introducing yourself to me by commenting on's wonderful to be able to read more about you and everything you've done...your sense of humor and spirit of adventure are really awe-inspiring! susy