Wednesday, May 9, 2007

About ModernGear TV

ModernGear TV is a video podcast and blog about mindful appreciation, not mindless consumption.

It's news you can use, about products and services you already love, you think you might like, or you might not even know you need.

Stories are a combination of product reviews, designer profiles and feedback from sources who are familiar with the things we love - stores that sell it, customers who rave about it, and even the insight from people supporting the entrepreneurs working out of their basements until they hit it big.

Presented by an award-winning journalist, Tamara Komuniecki (née Nowakowsky) with 14 years of experience in television, radio, print and web focusing on areas of style and spa, travel and trends, these videos and blog posts are designed to help support you in making better educated purchases of good gear for modern living.

Everything we cover, from candles to mascara, lighting to shoes, we'll have first-hand experience with and we won't talk about it until we've tested it...sometimes on camera!

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