Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ModernGear Men: The Clocky for Sleepy Dad

With Father's Day in less than two weeks and all sorts of great gift ideas piling up, I thought I'd start my special occasion coverage - stuff for all types of Dads. Over the next seven or eight days then, some great ideas for helpful products that Dad will love (but anyone can use). I mean come on, Mother's Day is easy - a brunch, mani-pedi or bouquet of flowers and Mom is duly honoured. Dad isn't so easy...hopefully my ideas will help you say, "I love you, Dad" on Sunday, June 15th.

So what would your Dad do first thing of the day? Well, he'd probably try to hit the snooze button like any other mortal, right? (Not my Dad, up with the crack of dawn every day so I can't get him this gift).

It's too bad that clock doesn't jump right off the bedside table and roll around the room after the second snooze, so Dad HAS to get up and find it to shut it off. Kind of sounds like the stuff of dreams, right? Uh-uh! The first gift I present is for Sleepy Snooze Button Pressing Dad: the Clocky.

Clocky was designed as a prototype by an MIT graduate student named Gauri Nanda, and is now on the market and available for purchase because of a huge media buzz about her invention. It's no surprise but a lot of people have a hard time obeying a regular alarm clock when it's so easy to slap the snooze button repeatedly. The Clocky makes it a little more difficult - actually making the sleeper get out of bed and find it, thus waking up in the process.

Available on the nandahome.com website, the Clocky comes in a choice of a few colours: Coco, Almond, Aqua and Raspberry, for $50.

I love the design that looks like a little face, and the back of the Clocky is cute too, with a not-too-easy-to-reach snooze button.
There's also a hot little chrome version for $59 that would be my Clocky of choice.

A video on the web site shows the Clocky in action, and there's also a stores listing available in case you'd like to see the Clocky in person before buying.

Remember, "get your ass out of bed" is just another way of saying, "I love you, Dad."

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Anonymous said...

It's a great gadget. When it comes to effectiveness of waking you up, however, we find the Flying Alarm Clock way more effective ;-)