Tuesday, February 12, 2008



The first ever GOODIES GIVEAWAY went to Jenn Ashton...Read all about it here!

This round of prize give-aways will work a little differently - I have a pool of prizes to choose from and will give away one fantastic prize per winner, til I run out...I'm workin' hard for ya, people!!

Enter now to get these goodies:

1. A prize pack from Cargo Cosmetics, which will include the mascara I wrote about, Cargo's Better-Than-Waterproof mascara...
2. Wenge wood and shell "Charmed, I'm Sure" Purse charm from Sontza Design Works, donated by guest blogger (and my sister!) Tanya Van Papeveld!

3. Prize pack from PaPaYa! I wrote about this favourite paper goods line here.

4. A set of Grill Charms™, for all your summer barbecuing needs - as written about here.

5. A prize for your pooch - a Tricky Treat Ball, written about here, From Omega Paw!

6. A SPOT-ON™ screwdriver with LED light, that was a part of a post I wrote here:

If you sign up for the ModernGear TV newsletter by clicking on the link to the right, or you already get our newsletter, you'll get entered into all of the draws.

But to increase your chances of winning, you can also get your name in more than once! Here are the steps to earning more entries:

1. Refer a friend - either by forwarding on the newsletter with the handy dandy "send this to friend" button, as shown here:

or just tell them to sign up from this home page (click on NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP to the right).

2. Once your friend has signed up, get him or her to send me an e-mail to tamara[@]moderngeartv.com telling me your name and e-mail address.

Then budda-boom, budda-bing, you got yourself another entry...As a matter of fact, one entry for every friend who signs up!

Keep checking back here often as I'll be adding loads of good stuff to that fabulous list of prizes up top...and don't forget to sign up and enter today!

AND PLEASE NOTE - winners have one week after I contact them to get in touch or the prize has to go back into the Goodies Giveaway prize kitty.


*Nicole Parker won this great Grobal self-watering plant pot, featured in this post. (Value approx. $24.95)

*H Siegel won the fantastic prize pack of goodies from Pure Living's Beautea Green Oolong Tea, written about in this post and listed in My Favourite Things.

*Selina Lacombe won a Cup-A-Cake to protect your iced goodies! I wrote about the product here...

*Jenn Urquhart has won the Eufora prize pack - I wrote about it here...!

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