Thursday, June 5, 2008

ModernGear Men: Working Dad

So now that Dad is up and clean, let's get him off to work, shall we? I am assuming he can dress and feed himself, so let's pick it up at the door. Is your Dad an active guy? Is he a health-conscious or environmentally-minded kind of guy? If so, then a Sigg waterbottle should be on your list for him.

Eco-friendly, reusable and say nothing of tres fashionable - does it get any better? At, you can used to be able to choose between 144 bottle designs and 22 lids to fashion Dad the perfect water bottle. Turns out demand was so astronomically high for these bottles that the company just can't keep up. There are measures in place, it seems, to get the Sigg online shop able to fulfill requests once again but until then you can find the water bottles at places like REI, Whole Foods, Patagonia, and other sporting goods stores to buy them in person. Check out this page at for store listings but if it's at all possible, I'd call ahead to check on stock. If they're available like this one is online at, a couple clicks of the mouse and you could be gifting Pops with this beauty for $21.95:
Okay, Dad grabs his water bottle, and then I'd think he probably grabs a briefcase, or lunch pail. Consider replacing those relics with a bag worthy of a true eco-friendly hipster. Help Dad defy convention, with a Defy Bag! Maybe you never knew it, but you're Dad's a skull kind of guy?
Skull Bag
Maybe Dad's got soul?
Soul Bag
Or has Dad always secretly just wanted to rock it out?
Guit bag

Each bag is hand-sewn from vinyl off of old, used billboards. Prices are:
small $150
medium $160
large $170

Whether your Dad dresses up for work, wears more casual attire, or even dons a uniform, a Defy Bag will help him personalize his wardrobe choices suitably, fulfill one of the reduce, reuse, recycle tenets, and be as hip as a Barack Obama fist-bump!

I have so many more Father's Day gift ideas to share with you, but am taking a break tomorrow for another installment of CELEBRITY STYLE FRIDAY! I know, be still your beating hearts! Because Father's Day is coming up pretty quickly, I'll be breaking with tradition and blogging over the weekend and bringing you fresh new ideas on Saturday and Sunday.

After tomorrow's break wherein I extol the virtues of the peasant blouse, we return to regularly scheduled Father's Day gift-giving episodes. Saturday will feature gift ideas to jazz up Dad's car and his desk.



I LOVE your father's day ideas Tam, thank you! And keep em' coming - I'm totaly waiting for one he doesn't already have or that I can afford. So far I'm lovin' the butt/face towel and those man bags are awesome (if a bit too expensive) too.

Stephanie G said...

Fun ideas - love the edgy style of the bags, too!

I have searched and searched for the elusive SIGG bottles in stock, and ended up getting a comparable stainless steel one that's masculine looking silver steel with a black crow shadow. Loved the SIGG mahas, but they're not very manly looking and my dad wouldn't go near it for that reason. I think he'll love this crow one (I'm hoping, anyway).

Here's a photo: