Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ModernGear Men: Dirty Dad/Clean Dad

So now that we've gotten your Dad out of bed with the Clocky, I'd imagine that next up on the agenda is to jump in the shower. If your Dad is a multitasker like mine is, I'd imagine he might embrace the opportunity to learn while he showers. If that's the case, he'd probably love Urban Outfitters' Parlez Francais shower curtain.

At $26.00, it's a small investment into your cultural savoir faire, with French words and phrases and their English equivalents, for a morning language class.

When Dad's in the shower, he'd do well to use the hot water and steam to his advantage and get a really good shave. Starting out with Bikini Kitty's Dirty Dog products for men will ensure his face is well taken care of. Pick up a Dirty Dog Shave Gear kit for $39.95 to get all of the products in one go - the Daily Demolition exfoliation spray, No-Bump Brush for manual exfoliation, Slick Blade Shave Gel, Beat-Nick Razor Oil, and a sample size Burn Relief Gel, plus instructions.
If he's going to shave in the shower, he'll definitely need a fog-free shower mirror. Showertek's Heated Fog Proof Shower Mirror: The Original in white is a reasonable $19.95.
When Dad's done in the shower, he'll of course need a towel. Bet he hasn't seen this one from Urban Outfitters yet...the Butt/Face Bath Towel. For $20, think of the hygiene-related service you'll be providing for dear old Dad. And if not, then at least a good morning chuckle.
So by now Dad's clean and clean-shaven...tomorrow, we get him out the door and into the car.

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Bwahahahah! I LOVE that towel, we are SO getting one for Steve. After all, he is a common law step father hella worthy of cashing in on Father's day.