Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ModernGear Food: My Big Fat Greek Yogurt

Okay, okay. So it's the second yogurt post in a while - I recently extolled the virtues of Rachel's delicious desserty-yogurts and I wasn't lying, y'all, when I said they were delicious and desserty. But I got a little curious about Greek yogurt, and started to wonder if it was the yogurt of my dreams...let me explain.

In San Francisco there is a little Boulangerie in Cole Valley. When hubby and I are in town we often have breakfast there. I ALWAYS debate with myself over the jambon et fromage et beurre on a baguette and the granola. The granola used to come with fruit - usually a variety like sliced bananas and pears, strawberries and grapes, and then a side of milk. But some time ago they started serving the granola with a huge dollop of the thickest, most delicious plain yogurt ever, and a drizzling of honey. And I was hooked.

(Hubby gets the baguette so I pretty much get a sampling of both yummy dishes.)

Now, I have tried and tried and tried to find the thick yogurt. I have tried Brown Cow (pretty good), Russian yogurts of all kinds, French yogurt, everything. And yet, nothing. Not even close.
But last week, the Gods spoke.

The Greek Gods, that is.

I have been hearing about Greek yogurt for a few months now, it's sort of the trendiest of yogurts, it seems. And every time I'd look for it on the shelves at Whole Foods, it would be gone! They would have every other kind of yogurt known to man sitting fully-stocked, but no Greek Gods.

Once I did get my hands on the traditional plain, seen above, I realized that I found what I was looking for!

I really love the plain, with a drizzling of honey and a smattering of fruit chunks for breakfast. This yogurt is thick, with a very nice consistent consistency (I did mean to say that), and it's just so so creamy.

If I compare it to Rachel's, it has a lot less sugar and sodium, more protein, but more fat. The thing is, Rachel's is more of a dessert yogurt to me, but I want to have a more breakfasty yogurt in the morning. The problem is, since I tried the brand and decided it was my go-to yogurt of choice, I haven't been able to find it again - the store shelves sit empty again!

I lamented this fact to the dairy guy and he let me test out one of their smaller 6oz. containers that is honey flavored. Oh yeah, baby. SO good.

I just peeked at their store locator and am pleased that a lot more locations carry the Greek Gods yogurt in my city, so I should never run out again. You Canadian readers, can you get it there?

If it came in my size, I might get this jacket from the company...

And by the way, just before I started writing this post, I called the Boulangerie in SF to ask what kind of yogurt they do turns out it's a type of cheese called Keeper cheese! Well I'll be snookered. If anyone knows anything about this cheese (I couldn't find anything in a quick search), please let me know. I think I'll just continue to look forward to it on trips to that city, but every morning will start my day with the Gods.

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