Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ModernGear Food: Rachel's Exotic Yogurt

Some days, no matter how motivated I am to eat well and "be good" when it comes to desserts, I just can't shush that sweet tooth of mine. It doesn't happen daily or even weekly, but once in a while it just will NOT BE QUIETED! (Related to my cycle? I think so!)

Last week something caught my eye in the yogurt section and I wondered, "Could it be?" Small containers of sophisticated-looking yogurt, by a woman named Rachel. Assuming I will not be able to do it justice with words alone, just go ahead and feast your eyes on this:
Wouldn't it have piqued your attention too?

I decided to try that one, the Peach Green Tea. I brought it home and waited until the sweet treat munchies hit, and then tucked in to the sweet and refreshing goodness. Crisis, and chocolate chip cookies, averted.

The next time I was at the store, I picked up another small container of Orange Strawberry Mango, and my tastebuds were just as satiated when I turned to it instead of my husband's Cozy Shack pudding.
I think I just found my new love...what is better than a healthy treat that tastes like it's just a little bit sinful?!

The yogurt is 1.5% milkfat yogurt. Each small container (6 oz. or 170 g.), has 150 calories, and just 2.5 g of fat. You get extra goodies like probiotics, good for your insides, and omega-3 DHA, which helps the heart, brain and eyes.

There are recipes on the Rachel's Yogurt web site in case flavours like Marionberry Guava, Cherry Black Currant, Pink Grapefruit Lychee and Plum Honey Lavender inspire you as a kicking-off point.

I buy mine at Whole Foods for $.99 a small container - slightly more expensive than regular small yogurts (and I usually buy large containers to save money anyway) but well worth it for a once-in-a-while treat.

If you still want to learn a bit more before trying, check out the list of FAQs for all the information.

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