Saturday, July 26, 2008

ModernGear Week in Review

Why hello there, dear reader! Are you visiting here on the weekend? If you are, you deserve a hearty thanks, a soft pat on the back - maybe even a nice warm hug - and of course, a prize. Well, for the prize part you'll have to wait 'til Monday...

Starting Monday, the Goodies Giveaway begins!! Here's at least one reason to like Mondays: one prize every week to one lucky reader, 'til the prize well runs dry. Which at this rate, might be a week from Never. Woot! Win some loot! I have been able to round up a veritable ton of great things that I've loved and think you will too...check out the growing, expanding, bulging list by clicking right here.

Can you tell I've had a coffee AND a half a can of Red Bull today? If I were speaking this to you, I'dsoundlikeIcouldn'tpossiblytakeabreath. That's how I am feeling. I had a sleepless night last night, dreaming of a Gerard Darel handbag, soon-to-be winging its way, direct from Paris, to me. Oh, the inner dialogue and debate in the wee hours of the morn - black, or grey? Or maybe camel?
What to do, what to do. My mind reeled, all night. But today, can you say the word (caffeine-enhanced) energy? Man! Woo! Let's get this party started!

So dear reader, if you haven't come every single day this week, here's what you've missed. Click on any title, and through the magic that is the interweb, you'll go straight to that story.
Et voila!

Monday - Kids: romping Around
Tuesday - Women: romping around
Wednesday - Food: Cup your cake
Thursday - Women: A charmed life
Friday: Active: SPIbelt

So get to yer reading if you have to catch up, your signing up to the newsletter if you want to win, and to referring your friends so they can sign up and you can get even more chances to win! I think I should have a warm bath and slowwwww down for a while. Whew.

(If you have an opinion on the colour of the bag, please leave it in the comments!)


Anonymous said...

Black. You can (almost) never go wrong with a clever little black bag!

ModernGear TV said...

You know, Thim, I'm inclined to agree! I have thought about it all day long and now at 8pm (now that I am down from the caffeine high) I am thinking black is classic. This is a purse from Paris, for crying out loud. It's so French I am sure it comes with a pack of cigarettes in it...and black is tres French...thanks for your thoughts!