Friday, July 25, 2008

ModernGear Active: SPIbelt

Fanny pack - the very term strikes fear into the hearts of certain people, and brings joy into the hearts of others. Ubiquitous in the 80s, dying a slow death in the 90s, and a source of humiliation in the 21st Century, they're for the most part relegated to the geriatric set, and to tourists - carry your wallet, passport and camera all in one handy tool that doubles as identification of your out-of-towner status!

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Their lack of fashion is not disputable, but the problem is, neither is their great function. There's a reason the fanny pack is seen on tourists from New York to Paris, Cairo to Tokyo...who wouldn't want to carry all of the stuff they need, hands-free? It becomes even more important when you're out and about doing physical activity, too.

Kim Overton of Overton Fitness certainly thought active and fit personal trainer, she would resort to stuffing her keys into her bra when she went for a run, so she came up with a better way - the SPIbelt (SPI = Small Personal Items).

A sleek, low profile package sits on an elastic belt - at first it looks like it couldn't possibly hold your keys, much less all the things you'd like to bring along with you...
...but I was able to fit an MP3 player, cell phone, cash, keys and lip balm into mine, because of its expandable nylon fabric and construction.

With that elastic belt, it fits snugly and securely, and no matter what you pack into it, it doesn't bounce.
SPIbelts are perfect for marathoners because of just that...not that I'd know anything about running a marathon (!), but there are loads of pictures of happy runners sporting their SPIbelts at marathons, on their web site.
It's okay, you don't have to run a marathon to get use out of this product - it's handy for people of all sorts of activity levels from top athlete to those who enjoy a nice walk or bike ride, or even for stowing all your stuff when you walk the dog. Duane, my dog, would have you know that it's even good for holding his treats, too.

There is a rainbow of colours to choose from...

I have one in pink, but my favourite SPIbelt is the new reflective fabric one...perfect for night activities.

Available at stores across the USA with a few in Canada as well, or at events (event calendar here) You can order the SPIbelts at regular for $19.95, reflective $29.95.

Do you think this guy wants to get one for his wife?


Denise @ Swelle said...

Hee hee! Glad to see the 'fanny pack' has been touched by modern times, finally. (Or I guess it's post-modern now?). When I moved to England I referred to one by name and got a stunned look from my friend. It happens that 'fanny' doesn't mean bum there, but rather, uh, the other side. Good to know.

Love your blog and have added it my blog roll. Have you heard the new Carla Bruni CD yet, curious what you think!

Anonymous said...

hey there, glad to see you've found us! would there be anyway attach the proper links to those pictures? Since the pictures were not taken by us, we like to credit our contributors. this SPI belt looks a lot less tacky though!

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