Monday, July 21, 2008

Modern Gear Kids: romping around

The dictionary defines "romp" in two very different ways depending on whether the word is used in association with a child or for an adult. The word for a child means to play roughly or energetically, i.e. "The noisy pack of children romped around the garden."

And what better clothing to wear when one is partaking in a romp, than the outfit named for the activity: a romper. Here are some wonderful examples of these very aptly-named articles of clothing:

Some of my very favourites are by Tea Collection, available on sale at
Daily Tea Mini Blossom romper
Was $23, Sale $10
Daily Tea Star Flower romper
Was $23, Sale $10Daily Tea Check romper
Was $23, Sale $10
Daily Tea Multi Stripe Romper
Was $23, Sale $10
(Tea Collection also has some of my other favourite items on sale, like the Camp Shirt that is so cute it makes my heart ache!)

From, there's also a luxurious hand-washable cashmere romper in light pink or navy blue, for $116. It's a little more expensive, clearly, and meant for cooler weather but it would make a heckuva special gift!

From giggle, where you can Win a $1000 SHOPPING SPREE from giggle (enter code: WEB), the Snap-Front Romper, 100% organic cotton, $20.

And from, Splendid Terry Hoodie Romper
Was $58, Sale $29
Now, the adult version of the verb romp is decidedly more, well, adult...(to engage in sexual activity, especially illicitly). But, as it turns out, whether the adult version of the romper is actually grown up at all, is up for debate. Stay tuned for this discussion tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Does it count that I have a pair of footy-pajamas (that still fit, BTW)? Or is that the sort of thing one should keep a secret? (Too late now...!)

ModernGear TV said...

Does it count, yes definitely! But, I wiiiish I had a pair of those!!! Just don't wear them on the red carpet, okay?!