Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Video - Embrace The Bra Strap Solution

I inherited my Grandmother's sloped shoulders, so no matter what I'm wearing, bra straps are the bane of my existence. Not just having them peek out when wearing tank tops, either, but in a blouse, a sweater, a dress...I have to reach in through the neck of whatever I have on and tug them up from wherever they've slipped - sometimes down to my elbows. It's so annoying, and looks awful - both to have them sitting around my elbows, and to be seen reaching in and adjusting countless times a day.

Last year I was relieved and delighted to find a little life-saver of a tool, Embrace The Bra Strap Solution. I wrote about the Embrace in the Globe and Mail Style section, and then did a video podcast. Check it out!

Not only does the Embrace prevent annoying bra slippage, but it also lifts and supports the breasts - and say it with me, "cleavage is good!"

I love the Embrace for travel as well, because even if I didn't have the sloped shoulders, it would still be a perfect tool for travel. Whether I'm wearing a tank top with a skirt strolling on the Champs-Elysées, or Bermuda shorts and a halter top on the back of a Vespa zipping through a cobblestone piazza in Lucca, Italy, I'll only ever need one bra - maybe I can actually go carry-on now!

P.S. In the interest of disclosure, I want to let it be known that I work for the company's owner, Cathy Hayes, to help get the word out about her wonderful products! Just like the Hair Club For Men guy, I liked the product so much that I wanted to be involved! When Cathy asked me after we taped this video, I said yes immediately.

Contact info:

Embrace The Bra Strap Solution
Toll free telephone: 1-888-620-6814
Order online, or see a stores list on the site (available across Canada and the U.S.)

Diane's Lingerie
2950 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC

Jana Vackova - photographer

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YAY!!!! Tamara... what an awesome first post. Congratulations on the launch.

And I SO want one of those bra thingies... love it!

I might not be able to wait till I win your contest, I want one now.