Friday, July 18, 2008

ModernGear Grooming: Euphoric over Eufora

Beauty products can be likened to types of women that men can date. If you're a woman reading this, imagine your little brother or your best guy friend, facing the world of women. Women know women best, so you'll understand completely what I am talking about.

There's the super high maintenance woman, who usually helps a guy to look good, but costs him so much he just can't afford to see her every day...and she asks a lot of him, too. She just takes a ton of work and energy. And then on the other hand there is a girl who is packaged much more cheaply but unfortunately what's on the inside is also really cheap...and a guy really shouldn't see this type even just once, much less make a habit of it. But then right in the middle is that awesome girl you just really hope your brother or guy friend meets - she's natural, earthy, and makes him absolutely shine every time he's with her.

It's the exact same thing with hair care products. My high maintenance paramour of the shampoo and conditioner persuasion is Kerastase. She's extra good quality but too expensive for everyday dating, so I usually save her for special occasions or when I need a pick-me-up.

Then there's the cheaper brand daily-use shampoo I tried for the other days when I am not spending time with Kerastase. Sure, it was organic and smelled like lavender, but there was just something missing and I knew I needed more. My wishes were answered when Eufora came along, and I've been enjoying it everyday, ever since.

How come? I simply have never experienced a more impressive or stronger, fuller lather than with Eufora's Hydrating Shampoo.
I wish there was a better way to articulate it but that is really what I mean. You know how some shampoo lathers up only after using loads of the stuff? I have extremely thick hair so I usually have to use handfuls on the front, handfuls on the sides, handfuls on the top, and yes, more handfuls in the back, just to get my hair all lathered up. And the consistency of the lather just felt weak with the daily use shampoo I had been using. I chalked it up to the fact that it was organic, and thought that all "green" shampoos would feel the same.

Was I ever wrong! I started off the testing of Hydrating Shampoo by pouring as much into my hand as I would have poured of my former shampoo for just the front of my head, and this amount soaped up my whole head and had a whole lot left over (shoulda had my hubby in there to share!), with a beautiful, fresh-smelling lather.

"But hang on here..." I thought, "...isn't this stuff supposed to be organic?"

Yep, it sure is! It's a non-sulfate formulation with certified organic aloe vera gel as a base, botanical ingredients, and essential oils for fragrance. The great lather comes from coconut oil.

I was equally impressed with the consistency and the performance of their new Urgent Repair Shampoo ($23), as well.

Designed to remove deposits from minerals and environmental pollutants, you might think it would leave hair feeling stripped but it doesn't - my hair actually felt nice and soft and rather moisturized afterwards. It's safe for people who color their hair or have product sensitivities, as well. I'd like to find out if it could help when my blonde highlights start to take on a green tinge, as used to happen due to the water pipes in our Gastown loft in Vancouver.

I would definitely recommend having this one on hand to use as a special treatment once a week or so, and I'd also follow up with another Eufora product I tested; Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment ($22.50).
It tingles as it works due to the pick-me-up ingredients of menthol and camphor. It can also be used on skin to soothe and heal any irritations. I found it to be a very effective detangler, and also worked on my pesky dry scalp.

I followed up the wash and condition with Eufora's Formation Whipped Styling Solution ($19.50).
Now, I haven't used a foam product in years but I was testing here, people! Besides, I wondered if it might not come in handy when I am trying to retain the curls and waves that show themselves in my freshly washed hair, but pull out to frizz as soon as they dry. And it did!

There are more products in the range of hair care to try, and a body moisturizer too, as well as fragrances and candles.

Eufora has actually been around for 10 years and can be found in a whole bunch of salons in Canada and the US listed on their web site.

So is hair care like women? Well, I don't know if my analogy stands up but I will leave you with this: just like your guy friend finding that girl who's a keeper, you can now stop looking and settle down.

And OH! I almost forgot...see the Goodies Giveaway page for the latest addition to our jackpot of prizes - a Eufora prize pack!

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