Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's new...

I've got plans, people, big plans.

Did you ever feel like you were close to being where you were supposed to be, but just slightly off? Or, a version of this thought process in a twitter:
shanenickersonRT @csussin: Sometimes in conversation I am improvising as a character close to my age, weight and height rather than speaking my own mind.

I get that. That's kind of, sort of, a little bit, what I feel about my blogging.

Because I know where I want to be, and I know where I have been, and the two aren't exactly the same...not quite identical.

It all started with Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth.

I had a phone Fire Starter session with Danielle that I had been looking forward to for weeks and weeks - I was supposed to take part in a group session in Los Angeles but had to go to Vancouver that weekend, so Danielle said we could make it up on the phone.

Now, about Danielle. Keywords that come to mind are: soothing, groovy, connected, whipsmart. I needed her perspective, her opinion, her way of cutting through the excess to get to the core. And it worked...

So basically I can't say much more because the path isn't entirely laid out yet, but I can say that ModernGearTV.com and TamaraMedia.com will be amalgamating at some point soon. I can say that I'll still be doing product reviews - trying things out and telling you all about them - but I'll also be telling the stories of people, places and things that I find interesting.

Because what's maybe been missing in all of this is the fact that for the past 15 years I have been, in one way or another, a storyteller. I've told stories on television, on the radio, in newspapers and magazines, and on the internet (sometimes live on a stage too). I have enjoyed every minute of that. And if I truly want to make a go of my own little space on these here interwebs, of entertaining and informing the people who spend their time in this space, then I want it to be 100% true to my vision and my personality.

So please stay tuned! I'll of course let you know where I'm going website address-wise, and I'll continue to post until it's all settled in and looking pretty. (And as you know, these things take time...) I would LOVE to have you come along, I don't want to lose even one of you.

Hope you are all well and happy. I know I sure am.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait! It all sounds so exciting! :)

ModernGear TV said...

Hi Thim! I hope you'll like what I have in store...I am not even 100% sure what that is yet!!

Stay tuned, and thank you for sticking around! Good to see you round these parts.