Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ModernGear Pooches: Rein in your dog with a (fashionable) rope

When The Sartorialist gives his seal of approval in his nod to the most stylish and chic, you know something is a style must-have. As it turns out, quite often something appears in one of his amazing photographs of amazing people, that is also functional as well as fashionable.

I was delighted to see this was the case in today's post from New York. I first off appreciated not the cute dress, fabulous hair or beautiful sandals on the woman, but rather the rope leash that she was using to lead her gorgeous dog. Commenters are saying the same thing.
Image from TheSartorialist

The leash reminded me of some I had seen in a magazine, though I had no recollection of the I did a little digging around and lo and behold - if you want such a rope leash to complete your look and to be a very strong and effective lead for your pooch, look no further than... Found My Animal.

Image from Found My Animal
The leashes will appeal to animal-loving folks and vegans alike because the rope is a great alternative to leather, and they're extremely strong and durable. The hardware (solid brass o-rings and clips) enable you to wear or use the leash in a variety of ways:

Image from Found My Animal

And what's perhaps the most beautiful thing of all about these leashes, is that 25% of all profits go to the Louis Animal Foundation, a "unique non-profit group dedicated to spaying/neutering and providing homes for animals who have not yet 'found' their people."

Prices run from $52-$60 for the natural rope leash, which also comes in black. Found My Animal also has collars, and will be introducing harnesses soon as well.

Images from Found My Animal

I am a dog person, through-and-through and I love the idea that this leash is strong and durable, keeping my guy safe. But the fashion lover in me unabashedly supports something that is so good-looking AND, has The Sartorialist's tail wagging as well.


nycrun said...

ok ill go with the rope

Jennifer Chick said...

Great find. Thanks for posting this!

ModernGear TV said...

nycrun, thanks for the comment - I'll go with the rope too - am going to get one for my pooch Duane.

Jennifer - thank you! I love it when a blog post comes together to be timely like this one...thanks for visiting my corner of the blogosphere...

Kathryn said...

can have Scout's - Peter made it for all of about $9.50 (supplies form a nautical store) :)