Monday, July 20, 2009

ModernGear Shoes: Two little pieces of heaven

Monday's recipe is another guest post by KIKI! But, it's not coming in until stay tuned and hold tight and be patient and all that. Tuesday's recipe will be worth the wait, I promise.

For now, I have a little story for you about the first time I have ever held heaven in my hands.

It was this weekend, in Las Vegas. I had never been there before and hadn't even known what to expect besides varying degrees of debauchery and fabulousness...I mean, isn't that what the movies and the "What Happens In Vegas" campaign tell us?

And it's actually kind of true!

Well, I had a grand old time. There was a suite at the Palazzo, some slots, a little time at the spa, and...these.
"Oh my God!", you're thinking. "She finally went and did it, she bought herself a pair of Louboutins!"

And you'd be...wrong. She (I) didn't buy myself a pair of Louboutins. But, my friends, I held them in my hands. And that is practically as good...because let's be serious - I don't have an upcoming movie premiere that I know of, I wear yoga pants around the house most of the day and even dressing up to go out for dinner usually means a nice dress and ballet flats, and have no (or few) wardrobe options that would be on par with these shoes.

Oh, that and I have a mortgage to pay, and even though these were on sale for $550, that's still a lot too much for this girl.

BUT! For one heavenly moment I was allowed to travel in my dreams to a fabulous life where I did have premieres and events, fabulous clothes to match these works of art, and...stronger ankles.

And, as people seem to like to say these days, "At the end of the day"'s the thing. You can go to all sorts of blogs where they tell you that you are nothing, you are nobody, if you don't own these shoes. And I am here to tell you, that's not true...but...if you ever get a chance to coddle a pair, to ooh and aaah and dream, definitely DO NOT TURN IT DOWN!


Kathryn said...


Anonymous said...

Your tastes are eclectic - from Simple shoes to Louboutins. That's what I like about your blog! And you're right. Others do pressure women to make unrealistic purchases. But it's kind of hard to not want to, don't you think?

ModernGear TV said...

K, me too!!

g, thank you! Um, it's hard, yes!! When I held those beauties in my hand I definitely thought of how fabulous it would be to have them but I know of about five hundred other ways I would be better off to spend five hundred dollars. It's all priorities, and where we are in life. I am not at the Louboutin stage of my life yet. Maybe one day. I could spend that money - I have a good job and income, but they just aren't a priority right now. Renovations, house finishing, rebranding this blog, etc. are all on my plate right now.

Kathryn said...

found them for $159 on-line ... will try on at Holts and if they fit :)

ModernGear TV said...

Where did you find them for $159? Are you sure they're authentic? Yikes...