Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ModernGear Home: It's Getting Hot in Here!

Last night as a mosquito or some such bug absolutely tortured me and my husband. I thought, isn't there some sort of contraption I can use that will shoo the offending buzzer away and let me sleep in peace? I had gone way beyond offering the sacrificial arm and leg for the little guy to nibble on, and was so hot that I was sleeping in the nude anyway. Didn't seem to appease him for long as he almost constantly buzzed my ears (or so it seemed).

Around 3am when we had turned on and off our (very handy) Candela lamp to try to attract the bug (all it did was let him know we were about to open a can of whoop-ass on him and I'd catch a glimpse of him flying away...), I decided to just put a pillow over my head to protect my ears from the buzzing, and let him do his worst. And he did. I counted 15 welts this morning, on my legs, my arms, my tummy, and even my butt.

This morning the first thing my husband said is, "I hope he's drunk on our blood, somewhere under a tree, his pants too tight to do up." Ha! That'd teach him.

I don't know if a gently blowing fan would have helped shoo the bugger away, but it might have kept me cool and then I would have been able to cover up, and then maybe I'd be bite-free today.

All that to say, we have to get one of these uber-cool fans, and soon. Enjoy.

Etsy has a great selection of good-looking vintage fans, like these:

DailyMemorandum has this Vintage 1950s Vornado Fan for $30
JuJuToo has a vintage fan for $29.
jwhite2's Vintage Metal Oscillating Fan is $57.
highstreetmarket's refurbished vintage electric fan in aqua blue is $58.

DecoDeli has a pair of Eskimo Electric fans for $76.
Here's an Eskimo fan that's a bit more beat up, from threesistersvintage, for $15.
You actually don't have to go vintage to be stylish, though. Our current, new-ish fan is one that we wouldn't necessarily want to keep out when it's not absolutely needed, because it's kind of ugly. If we had this one, I'd probably not want to put it away out of sight.

The OTTO has a long list of features, the first of which is its diminuitive size - it's under 15 inches high and weighs 9.5lbs, but features an adjustable industrial fan! It also saves money in comparison to air condition cooling because it's an energy efficient 45 watts.

It might cost a bit more than your standard plastic fan from Canadian Tire or Target, but it's such a good-looking piece of art, really, that I think the investment of $199.99 in keeping cool (and looking cool) is well worth it. The wood is African sapele and has been oiled twice to add a sheen to the gorgeous wood grain. This is a fan that would look very at home in a home with Mid-Century Modern decor.
You can get an OTTO fan from these retailers, or at Swizz Style.

Now, if someone invents a whisper-quiet bug zapper, then I'll rest easy.

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