Monday, May 4, 2009

ModernGear Food: Homemade Pork Chop Marinade

To me the most satisfaction that comes out of cooking is not from following a recipe by rote, or using a bottle of pre-made sauce (though one can have yummy results in doing so), but going off the (egg) beaten path. (Did that little pun work? I dunno. Not so much.) Anyhoo.

I decided it was time to support pork producers since they've been getting a bad rap thanks to the swine flu panic, and take the opportunity come up with a yummy marinade.

I am happy to say - mission accomplished!


olive oil
Worcestershire sauce
balsamic vinegar
mustard (preferably a yummy gourmet blend - your choice - I used roasted garlic mustard)
cayenne pepper
mirin (rice cooking wine)

1. The best recipes start with an empty bowl and some imagination. Go ahead and set yours up!
2. Pour in the olive oil, Worcestershire, balsamic vinegar and mustard - about 2 tbsp each.
3. Dice ginger - about 2 tbsp as well. Add that to the mix, and then salt & pepper, just a few sprinkles.
And let's get a little cray and add some cayenne pepper. Why not?!
4. And now, the finishing touch - mirin (rice cooking wine). I meant to add a little dash, but then when I tipped it, the bottle made a "gloop" sound and I had way more than I wanted. No worries though, it turned out DELICIOUS! So, go ahead and add a gloop!
5. Stare at your handiwork. Yes, you made this.
Add the pork chops in to the marinade, turn them over, coat them all nice-nice. Make sure there's plenty of ginger on top too. And let them sit - I did for about an hour, but more time would yield even better results.
And then cook as you normally would. Mr. MGTV is a BBQ machine, so grilled they were! (say that in a Yoda voice...)
Yaaaa-hummm. Swine flu, begone.

Bon App├ętit!

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Anonymous said...

YUM! I love pork. It's the other white meat, right?!?! Great recipe, I'll be trying this out.