Monday, May 4, 2009

The Great e-Roundup May 4, 2009

A great weekend here in sunny LBC. On Saturday I met with a new writer for the mag (and new friend for me!) - one lovely Emma. We met at the wonderful Starling Diner, home of last week's recipe for Breakfast Bruschetta. I turned Emma on to it and I don't think she'll ever be the same!!
On Sunday I went to the Farmers Market... to deliver a batch of magazines to our April Eco issue cover man McKay Smith, the organic farmer.
His booth was so enticing that I ended up coming home with sweet onions, strawberries, asparagus and peas. Imagine the feast I had last night! Oh, and Duane too...turns out he quite likes peas.
I was very tempted to bring Duane a little brother, from Hearts for Hounds.
Just look at that guy! But...I thought better of it, and besides - the man holding the pup seemed to be quite attached.

On to Monday links, my friends!

Lindsay Lohan's spray tan seems to be getting good reviews.
I SO want one of these!'s Delight of the Day, the Bettina Go-About Bag. As you know, I've had great luck with Delight bags...but home renos mean I can't spend $ right now!
I LOVE THIS! The code even the CIA can't break - right in front of their eyes, every day. Do you think it taunts them?
Next time I'm in Napa - Hello! The Shop at Bardessono, from Remodelista.
Corey's post today on Tongue in Cheek fills me with wonder, hunger for adventure and a warm feeling.


Emma said...

Tamara! I am honored to have been mentioned. Thank you for the opportunity and for the best brunch and conversation I've had in a long time. xo

ModernGear TV said...

Awwww, Emma the feeling is completely mutual. xo back at ya!