Thursday, December 4, 2008

ModernGear Woman: The bag arrived!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my great handbag purchase.

You see, Dooce had written about this great bag in pumpkin orange that was inexpensive, stylish and vegan. And she showed a picture. And I had to have it.

"If Dooce jumped off a bridge, would you?" some of you are asking. Well, no. But if Dooce made a great find, I'd jump for that!

Well, the little beauty was waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home from taking Duane to the dog park.
Gratuitous Duane pic, at the dog park.

and I am so glad that I was able to sneak an order in before they were all snapped up. Check it out.

Well, well, well...and what have we here?!

Could it be? Is that what I think it is? Is that the Chelsea Buckle tote from!
For only $78.50?

Why yes, it is. This is what it looks like empty.

Here is a glimpse into the front pocket. Love the polka dot lining.

And this is how the strap goes over the top, which is, when closed, the second buckle.

And this is an attempt at showing the interior. But it's hard to do it justice. Rather, I'll illustrate the size of the bag's interior by showing you what I can comfortably put into it.

Which is, everything a video journalist type like me could possibly need in a day. Let's see, we have from the left: Moleskine agenda and notebook, then camera and extra tape, then credit card wallet, makeup bag, cell phone, and Hermés business card envelope. (It is real Hermés, given to me when I wrote this article about the store opening in Vancouver.)

And this is the tote, fully packed. I would still stick in a protein bar and bottle of water as well, and there'd still be room to spare, without it looking anywhere near over-packed.

And this is me, nibbling on the sweet treat (a Yummy Earth Organic sucker - I'll be writing about them soon) that added in the box.

I am officially a lover of Delight, my friends. Shop there! Plus, OOOOH I almost forgot! They have more of these totes in stock now!! So you can officially jump off that bridge with me and Dooce.

Please check out I swear I don't work for them, I am just a huge fan of an operation that knows how to treat their customers. Award them for their excellence. Look for discount codes in my other post or online, and find all sorts of great and helpful items for gifts and for yourself.

The next thing on my wish list from is this Eames Collage watch. Luckily, my birthday and Christmas are coming! "Oh honey..."


Lynda said...

Hi there,
wow! thanks so much for posting all the photos and your feedback about the Chelsea purse. I must be the only one at Delight who doesn't have one and after seeing you show all the great details I must, must get my own!

lynda (co-founder of Delight)

Anonymous said...

Love the bag and have decided it's time for a new one (or 2) but as long as the CDN dollar is low I won't be doing much ordering from the US.


ModernGear TV said...

Hi Lynda,

You are so welcome! Thank you for visiting! And, thank you for Delight, honestly. I could buy one of everything. You have a great operation there.

I know! Check out Roots, they're always good for a nice bag. I'll try to find something nice and cheaper for you, at a Canadian store. You might also seek out Matt & Nat. It's a CDN line that is also vegan, or at least non-leather anyway. I'll write a post on them next week just for you!

Love you,