Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ModernGear Fashion: Fashionable fanny packs (yes, it's possible)

There's something to be said for having your hands free. Free to close and lock your front door, to hold a leash, camera, or package, free to browse and touch and scratch. You get the picture...but you might also get THIS picture:

well, you don't have to look like a dork (sorry, Grandma) anymore! (See the SpiBelt athletic waist pack post for more reference pictures.)

Yes, there IS such a thing as a fashionable fanny pack - though we might just have to coin a new term to rid the item of the stereotypes and stigma from years of tourists and stoners wearing them.

Like the fanny clutch, for instance. I was first introduced to the Fahmina Fanny Clutch by this post from Eco Stiletto.

Now do keep in mind, style doesn't come cheap. This black asymmetrical fanny clutch with antique gold gold snaps costs $400. It's 12" x 5".
This brown one is $250, and it measure 10" x 5.5":
This one is bigger, at 17" x 6" - in charcoal gray, for $330.
I also dig the silver one: 9" x 4", for $160.
Why so 'spensive? Well, these are actually two bags in one - remove the strap and you've got yourself a stylish clutch.

Roots also has a stylish alternative that I have seen some fashionable types wearing, the Village Pack from Roots. It comes in at a more reasonable $88 and is available in black or brown.Roots leather bags wear incredibly well - I have had one that MGTV Hubby bought for me years ago in Banff (when he was MGTV Boyfriend!) and though I keep meaning to apply leather conditioner, I just haven't gotten around to it and it still looks great. (Mine is just like the one below except for the front zipper.)
This one is a cross-chest style, ALSO a good hands-free option. But that's for another day.


Anonymous said...

Alright - I guess you have made your point! I wouldn't have thought that "fashion" and "fanny pack" could go together in a sentence!

Kathryn said...

sorry, love, still not convinced ...

justin667 said...

I am in love with Happy Cow's Fashionable Fanny Packs and Waist Packs... and they are much easier on the budget!

ModernGear TV said...

Mmm hmmm, justin667, I think you're just spamming me but I welcome the comment anyway.

Logain 5 said...

Well... thank you so much for the Fahmina Fanny Clutch Blog.
In addition to your info, i wanted to elaborate on my feelings on these wearable arts/ accessories.
First of all the Fahmina Fanny Cluthces are all hand made, it's like wearing a master piece... inside it's lined with luxurious silk, securely enginered for serious fashionistas on the move.
Second of all, you can wear it in more that four ways... on your hip, across your shoulder( NYC messenger style), you can wear it off the shoulder just like any ol' purse, & of course take the strap off, you got an instant classic clutch...
The straps are also adjustable up to 4 sizes, to fit an array of your family members of many shapes & sizes.
This Fanny clutch is a well designed, highly sought after (most of them are one of a kind) chic accessory, it doesn't have the frumpy look of an avarage fanny pack... those who have been privilledged to use one of this uber cool designs, never go back to another Frumpy fanny pack.
The sleek design of the Fahmina Fanny Clutch adds a nice line to your silouhette , unlike the other fanny pack which just adds buldge to ones sillouhette.
Besides, they stand behind their product 100%, so any mis haps happens, you can send it back for a free repair.

So once again, it's hand made with love locally, not made in China in a factory, so you do your math as you figure your style out... do u want something as special & original as yourself or a mass marketed assembly line product from corporations...
Aaaaaahhhhhh... thought so.
By the way...95% these leather accessories are made from precosumer waste, even the linings... so it's a eco-conscious company, helping us with an outlet for reuse, recycle, revamped designs, for all of us who wants to make a difference supports good business & fashion ethics.

psstt... they have amazing sales very often, where u can find theses super fanny cluches, waaaay below wholesale... have fun.

cheers.. to good fashion sense.