Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ModernGear Women: A Secret weapon

So I've been poking my nose in round these parts, but not sticking around long because I got a promotion a week ago, from Managing Editor to Editor-in-Chief at a certain local magazine. The new increased work hours and responsibility have been wonderful, because it feels like a job that finally combines all of my interests, abilities and passions. But it has also been a bit stressful because I inherited a magazine that runs way close to deadline (oh heck, way past deadline), and makes everything high stress and worrisome.

So you know that new wardrobe I have been slowly building? I've had to take a few extraordinary measures to ensure it lasts through Santa Ana hot wind and stress-inducing perspiration!

First of all, it has been getting past 25 degrees Celsius here (80 degrees Fahrenheit). So much for my beautiful merino wool turtleneck! But I have such a hard time wearing a summer dress and sandals that I have worn that sweater, and sweated buckets in it.

And then there's the stress. I am not embarrassed to say that I sweat when I am nervous, or in a high pressure situation. So, I've been sweating.

I decided to take advantage of this stressful-sweat-inducing situation, and test out what I was told would be my secret weapon...Secret Clinical Strength.
I am not sure why it works so well, but it does. I follow the instructions and apply it at night,
and I have tried to apply it again in the morning, and then I have also tried it at night and then apply another deodorant in the morning. I can tell you that I smell fresh as a daisy, each time!

Tom is VERY excited about this fact!

Katie says, that's nice dear, keep it down.

I like the creamy consistency of the deodorant, not a clammy, sticky gel. And while I am concerned about the aluminum content, for preserving my relationship with colleagues and my nice work wardrobe, there is no doubt that this works.

I bought mine at Target but I did just find it cheaper online, of course. Secret Clinical Strength is available for $7.49 at, or $15.35 for two at Amazon Secret Clinical Treatment (Pack of 2).

When I have to refill, I am going to order some from Amazon and then also get a few clothing protectors like I wrote about here, because sweaty underarms are the pits. With these two secret weapons, I think I stand a fighting chance!


Kathryn said...

I have been using this Secret for about a year now and won't give it up - alzheimers be damned! (yes, I am that vain)

ModernGear TV said...

Since finding it, I too won't give it up. But, I will actually be testing more environmentally and health friendly deodorants too...and I will let you know if I find one that works as well as this!