Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wardrobe Re-Build

Operation Wardrobe Rebuild has begun in earnest. I am not sure if I will know when I am done, but...I am getting close! The nausea in the pit of my stomach over spending is only slightly allayed by the fact that I was given some money for Christmas and my recent birthday. It's hard, with gloom and doom economic news, and my part-time job, to dedicate money to something as seemingly frivolous as clothing. Yet, the struggle to look decent at work also weighs heavily on me. In any event, I need to rebuild my wardrobe, and I have started.

For our office Christmas party I decided to splurge on this beauty, the black Cubism jacket, from Anthropologie ($148).
I also bought a camisole that has a front like this, but with spaghetti straps, in nearly the same colour, a pale wispy pink:
I don't wear the two together because the jacket is so much more finished if it's kept closed. But I wear cardigans a lot, and this cami's ruffles are showcased really nicely with an old cashmere cardi I wear all the time.

Yesterday I hit the outlets. I bought brown chinos and jeans at J.Crew, as well as a pretty coral-coloured blouse.
I only got two pairs of pants for a few reasons - the major one of which is I hope to be down at least a size in the first month of the year, so I don't want to stock up on sizes I hopefully won't be able to wear.

At Banana Republic's 50% off sale I stocked up on work blouses - a white and a black three-quarter sleeve button-up. Another white blouse with a ruffled placket, and a merino-cashmere mix grey turtleneck sweater with a kind of bib yoke. Very feminine, very pretty.
AND I just hit up the ParkVogel final sale. Here are my goodies:
Ruffle top ($21.50 from $86)
Sleeveless pleat top ($18.75 from $75)
Cropped cardi in white ($25.25 from $101)
Lace tank ($19.75 from $79)
Twist strap mini ($26.50 from $106)
The twist strap mini was an item I had been coveting for some time, since I saw it earlier this summer. Which brings me back to my old message and method of patience, patience, patience. I no longer make purchases on a whim.

I would likely have bought more ParkVogel - their cotton is so lightweight and beautiful, but they were out of a lot in my size, and with only one photo to see and FINAL SALE written everywhere, with no returns or exchanges possible, I decided that was enough.

Despite the great prices, I do still feel shopping guilt but...I'll get over it.


I get a bit nervous ordering things on line - remember my pretty blue ruffle top from J.Crew? Too big! So I'll mail it back today and hope there's an XS. with ParkVogel, if things don't fit I'll have to sell them at a consignment shop or give them to my sister (I know what you're hoping, Tanya!) but I still think it's worth the savings opportunity.

I definitely have a very feminine, ruffled, delicate thing going on here...can't wait til I can put it all together.

Next up - I need to get some shoes and boots.

PS I popped into Banana on Sunday afternoon when drawn in by their SALE SALE SALE signs, and came home with a grey sort of boyfriend-cardi. Kind of a longer one like this one...for about $35.


Sontza Design Works said...

Hi Tam,

I would say operation wardrobe re-build is well on it's way!! You are a great shopper and yes, I am hoping that any of the tops don't fit ... I will be glad to relieve you of your burden! I'm such a sweet and thoughtful sister ... aren't I!!??

Can't wait to see what else you find!!

By the way ... you are looking gorgeous my little sister! The picture of you is fabo!! So love and miss you!!!!!!!

Hugs ... T.

ModernGear TV said...

Hi T! Thank you so much for the sweet compliment!

Miss and love you too.

And indeed, you shall inherit a few things if they are ill-fitting. But never fear! Some things are on their way to you as we speak, anyway...