Thursday, May 29, 2008

ModernGear Women: Fashion Fix-it products

I don't necessarily, as a matter of posting an article, like to pick on celebs but a) let's face it - they have more money to buy better things, to say nothing of hiring stylists and hence ought to look better and b) the fact is, they're photographed more often than we mere mortals are so it's easy to spot some mishaps along the way.

For today's post then, two big fashion NO NOs in my book, and how to make sure you don't suffer from them yourself. You know, just in case the paparazzi catch a pic of you.

So, I've talked about my deeply-held aversion to what I think is a fashion faux pas of the greatest magnitude - too-long pants, here. I was able to collect a few pictures of people who got it just wrong, and then lo and behold, a woman came along who just ought to know better but is photographed wearing these atrocities time and time again! I give you one Victoria Beckham.

Here she is, ironically, promoting her DVB denim brand at Harrods.

Oh my gosh, Posh - I hadn't realized you were in a tragic hunting accident and lost your feet.

The real irony in my eyes, is that she actually wrote a style guide called That Extra Half Inch. I wonder what Posh has to say for women on the subject of hemming your pants. I'm betting she spends a great deal of time extolling the virtues of fabulous's just too bad that chapter seemed lost on her as she deems it acceptable to cover them up.

If only she had Embrace in Place, available at's a new product, brought to you by the brilliant people who make the Embrace The Bra Strap Solution and Embrace A Fresh Pair. (Yes, I do work on publicity for this company...)

The really cool thing about this tape is its adjustable width, so it's perfect for fixes big and small. It's also delicate enough to stick the finest silks to skin, and yet strong enough for heavier fabrics like denim or say, give yourself a temporary hem. How about that, Posh?

And now on the other end of the body, comes a fashion faux pas that is normal, it is human, but it is slightly embarrassing and it's completely fixable! I give you, the sweaty pit syndrome! (And please don't think I am picking on people here - in full disclosure I can tell you that I suffer from this myself.)

Cameron Diaz has been photographed a few times with a wet underarm. It's too bad, because she starts out like this, looking absolutely lovely at the Shrek 3 premiere:

but before long it's sweat city. Okay yes, it could have something to do with the fact that she was hanging around with her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, but Cam seems to suffer from this quite often. It ruins both a good photo, and a gorgeous dress!

Then there's this girl - Heidi Montag. I honest-to-goodness have no idea why she is famous or photographed other than I think she's on The Hills. I've never seen it. Here she looks like it's a bit hot outside and her silk seems to be wilting with wet, under the pits.

Someone else who has this issue is Madonna - I can't remember where she was photographed but she was in a beautiful designer dress and it was so bad she might not have been able to wear that one again. Here she's a hot mess with wet underarms, but then again she might just have come from the don't get arms like that from pumping lattes.
I'm not singling out women only, here's Marc Anthony with wife Jennifer Lopez, sweating his way through a shirt and jacket. Muy caliente.
And I'll conclude this hall of fame/shame gallery of sweaty stars with Nicole Kidman. Pregnancy glow or not, I think she got a little nervous at this event and it shows. She starts out like this:

And ends up, wow! Like this:So the point here is that celebrities do what normal, non-celebrities do: sweat. And like I said before, it's normal, natural, but the sweat stains are also very preventable. Here is a list of some of the products I found in about 5 minutes online:

Stopits at
Dress shields and garment shields at Kleinert's
$5.95 per set, 6 sets per package
They're also available on Amazon, 24 Disposable Underarm Dress Shields From Kleinert's From $4.79 to $24.99

Stain Stoppers at
$8.99 for 12 pairs

Hollywood Fashion Tape's Behind The Seams
$9.95 for 12

It's the pits to be photographed looking not-at-your-best but with these solutions, at least your clothing is covered. The rest (double chin, shiny forehead) is all up to you!

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Anonymous said...

I really don't get the pants on Posh, of all people! I have the sweaty pit problem from time to time and the way to fix it, is not to wear whatever on the top that is going to show the sweat, go sleeveless or a lighter colour.