Monday, January 26, 2009

ModernGear Monday: what wish I could be doing today

I always like to brag that I don't get sick, when everyone around me is coming down with the sniffles and sneezes. Well, I now have the first cold I can remember in a very long time. I guess only getting sick every few years is a good thing, but then the illness just seems to just gather up more power.

I have lost my sense of taste so there's no cooking for me today, but instead here's an inspiration board of how I would rather be spending my day (rather than what? Pretty much anything!) to open it larger.

1. Walk into my stunning Provence chateau meets modern industrial kitchen, and make myself a pot of healing, immune system-boosting tea with lemon, honey and cayenne pepper (and if I was planning to spend the day alone, a clove of garlic). Refill mug frequently.
2. Light a few scented taper candles in the Tove Adman concrete candlesticks.
3. Slip into a hot bath with eucalyptus and cedar oil, in the egg-shaped bathtub.
4. Wrap myself in an anatolian bath towel from toast.
5. Slather on some Pure Garden Flower Body Oil
6. Then slip into a Baresuit.
7. Rest easy in a Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman, to read a book.
8. I've really been enjoying one my hubby gave me for Christmas: Le Corbusier: A Life.
9. After a few chapters, retire to the bedroom. Get tucked in to the Sferra Grande Hotel sheets. 10. Lay my head down on a Branché silk pillowcase.

Then repeat as needed. Wouldn't those be lovely doctor's orders? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to reality, and to work!


Anonymous said...

Now where is hubby and Duane in this equation?! Get well soon!

ModernGear TV said...

Hi G.! Well, technically I just thought they were out for the day! Maybe hubby was at work and D. was at doggie daycare!