Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ModernGear Women: Why I love French fashion

It's Paris Fashion Week, and one day - one special day in the future, I'd love to be there watching in the stands.

From time to time I wax poetic about French fashion, as you know. The name Gerard Darel makes me swoon. I could do some serious damage in a store like DĂ©partement FĂ©minin and am a regular reader of blogs like La Coquette, Petite Anglaise, Tongue In Cheek and The Paris Blog.

So when it came time to write a travel article for the Style & Fashion-themed issue of Long Beach Magazine, I knew this was my big chance to explain to Californians (well, Long Beach residents, anyway), what French style is about and how come my struggle to showcase it back in North America is usually for naught.

Check it out if you are interested! Click on the photos to see the image larger and read the article.


karey m. said...

why've i not been here before?!

this site is chock full of inspiration...will be back to scour for kirtsy-ing!


ModernGear TV said...

Hi Karey,

I don't know why you haven't been here before but I can tell you, I am glad to see you now! Better late to the MGTV table than never...

I LOVE your blog, and spent a good amount of time on it this morning. So lovely to make your acquaintance.

I hope to see you 'round these parts (and yours) again on a regular basis!


Kathryn said...

having spent the past few days in Montreal I know what you mean - their version of "casual" puts the best dressed in Vancouver to shame! great article, love

ModernGear TV said...

Thank you, Kathryn! And I know, even in Montreal the French just have such style.