Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great Newsletter Roundup October 15, 2008

So much great content, so little time. This little beta* feature will help you weed through the masses of newsletters and web sites quicker. After its introduction today, each post will have to be back dated so it doesn't show up in this column (so we can bring you our own new posts) but it'll be available by clicking on the lasso picture in the left-hand column, or Newsletter Roundup in the category list. We'll highlight stuff and update it as new info comes in that might appeal to a large variety of readers, no location-specific spas or restaurants, but things we can all enjoy.

Daily Candy Kid Everywhere is talking about a line of eco-friendly modern kids' furniture that come with a magnetic system so you can switch custom graphic panels.
Vitamin V brings us Moleskine Volants, thinner ruled notebooks in bright hues.
Sweetspot has the Solavie Skin/Hair System, and Sphatika skincare line.
yoyomama hearkens back to the days of the K-Way windbreaker.
Pretty Deserving has really cute scarves for kids by blanket company Admiral Road.
Carrie and Danielle ask "What's the best 'hot to dress right' tip that you know?

*The feature is beta because we're just testing the waters to see if you like it. It'll run for a few weeks and if it seems it's being read, then we'll continue. It's pretty labour-intensive, but we think you'll dig it. If you want us to put any newsletters or sites you're interested in but never get around to reading onto our list to review, let us know. Again we won't share everything from every newsletter, but only the most interesting goodies.


cate said...

Your soapy love photo reminded me that I never did receive my 'prize'. Sadness.


ModernGear TV said...

Cate, no!!!! Say it isn't so!! Please write to me and send me your address and I'll pop another in the mail ASAP. Could I have gotten your address wrong??

Annemarie said...

I think this feature is great fun, it reminds me of Lainey's Smutty Tingles, only less smutty...

Of course it helps that you singled out yoyomama - thank you!

Anyhow, I hope it's worth your while to keep it up.

ModernGear TV said...

Hi Annemarie! You're so welcome - I love your newsletter and will link any time I see something I think my readers would like as well.

Best of luck with your venture too!