Friday, October 10, 2008

ModernGear Fashion: It's GOOP, more affordably

Have you heard of Gwyneth Paltrow's new project, GOOP? She managed to just casually launch this thing and the word-of-mouth buzz was huge. It's difficult not to be envious from my position - the site and her newsletter are pretty much what I'd like my own to be and everyone was talking about it before it even launched. Small online ventures, such as my own, struggle and are grateful for every pair of eyes on the site.

Still, I love Gwyneth. I'd never begrudge her her success, and I certainly don't mind that someone as stylish, worldly and yet grounded as she, wants to share some tips and resources with other women.

I don't know what's with the name GOOP, or the subject line, ("It's GOOP") of the newsletter, but I enjoyed the recipes she sent out the first week, the hotel and London restaurant ideas in the second newsletter, and then yesterday's fashion-focused offering. It just seems to me she's kind of out of touch with the majority of her audience, and missing a real opportunity here.

There are some items she talks about that we normal, non-movie star types can actually afford without spending a mortgage payment or tuition fees, alongside designer wares from labels like Tod's, Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga. But there are no links to send us in the right direction to find the clothing and accessories.

I love her ideas of how to put everything together, with her real Gwyneth style (even though she's what, 5'16" to my 5'2"?!), but GOOP should offer affordable options, and link to them. So I will here, with a few of my favourite pieces...I was going to attempt to find stand-ins for everything she suggests but space does not allow for all of them. Remember, you can click on pictures to see them larger.

American Apparel Tri-Blend Racerback Tank, $19

American Apparel Tri-Blend Racerback Tank Shirt $7.99 from Amazon.

You can find tights all over the place - department stores, independent boutiques, pretty much anywhere you go. For the rest, here are some ideas:

Uniqlo's Extra-Fine Merino U-Neck Dress with Pockets, $49.50

The Extra Fine Merino Hooded Dress $49.50, would also be cute.
Free People Rows of Cable Dress $128

You could also do this look with a cardi, like this one:
Karoo Long Button Up Sweater
Karoo Long Button Up Sweater

Gwyneth wouldn't blink at spending over $1000 on those gorgeous Bottega Veneta boots, but there are some more affordable options out there.


Nine West - Barkin (Black Leather) - Footwear
Nine West - Barkin (Black Leather) - Footwear

Frye - Paige Tall Riding (Black) - Footwear
Frye - Paige Tall Riding (Black) - Footwear

And this great pair of waterproof riding boots, perfect for wet weather all fall and winter long:
From: SimplySoles

I called Tod's and Gwyneth's double-breasted cashmere trench is $1995.00. I LOVE Tod's, and maybe one day I will be successful enough to be able to afford a pair of their gorgeous loafers, or a coat like this but until then, J. Crew and Banana Republic will have to do.

J. Crew's wool-cashmere Dana coat is $340.

Banana Republic's BR Monogram trenchcoat is $500.

For a skirt, has a nice option, Only Hearts Pencil Skirt With Pockets $84
I think I'd be inclined toward this bangle from Banana Republic, for $34:
For the booties, you can refer to my post earlier this week on booties but I've copied it here for your reading pleasure:

Giuseppe Zanotti - I86196 (Bosco) - Footwear
Giuseppe Zanotti - I86196 (Bosco) - Footwear

Cole Haan - Bespoke 1928 High Ox (Black Polished Calf) - Footwear

Cole Haan - Bespoke 1928 High Ox (Black Polished Calf) - Footwear

BCBGirls - Dolly (Black Abrasivato) - Footwear

BCBGirls - Dolly (Black Abrasivato) - Footwear

Madden Girl - Rileigh (Black Patent) - Footwear

Madden Girl - Rileigh (Black Patent) - Footwear
Mia Sloane $85

I am looking for a cream blazer and until I find one, this should do:

Juicy Couture Cream Shrunken Coat

Juicy Couture Cream Shrunken Coat

For the black coat, from is this Juicy Couture Ruffle Cuff Black Peacoat, for $398.
Gwyneth's Grey Ant jeans above are, I think, these ones:

Grey Ant Welt Jean

Grey Ant Welt Jean

but there are some less expensive ones like Gap's Super Bell jeans, $78.

These are not the exact ones Gwyneth is showing here, but they're by the same designer, Rag & Bone:

Rag & Bone Riding Leggings

Rag & Bone Riding Leggings

These would also work.
Something Suit Zip Pant

Something Suit Zip Pant

You could really just go with super-skinny black jeans, like these from Tilly.
Hydraulic O'Dye Women's Skinny Jeans, $39.99
Tilly's also has this great vest
FULL TILT Open Back Womens Vest - Black

FULL TILT Open Back Womens Vest  - Black

And the Full Tilt Racer Back Strap Women's Vest, Was $22.99, now $11.97.

And, save on your order, for the next seven days only with this link to Tilly's Exclusive 20% off Coupon!

I'm definitely happy to take cues from this very fashionable woman who manages to combine trends with classic style and I am enjoying her GOOP a lot. I'm eager to see what's to come as I know this is just the beginning. And I'll bite my knuckle when I start to think of how easy it is for her...that particular shade of green doesn't suit me.


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