Thursday, September 18, 2008

ModernGear Health: Transform your body with Gwyneth and Madonna's trainer!

Did you watch Oprah yesterday? I haven't watched the show for quite a while, but when I heard Gwyneth Paltrow was going to be on, I knew this was one I had to tune in for.

Is this what you're chatting about with your girlfriends today, like I am? Her hair! Her style! THAT BODY! As the hip kids today would say, "It's sick, right?"

Well, it is that way for a reason. She works at it - click here to watch a video about her workout.

I buy what Gwynie is selling, because there's no reason she's any different from the rest of us...well, except for the fame, wealth and pedigree. But here's where we're the same: she says she just can't diet because if she restricted any type of food, she'd end up eating more and more of it. Hello! High five!

What those anorexic girls from the new 90210 don't know is that they're just terribly boring! Not eating? Yawn. I'd never want to hang out with someone like that.

Anyway, I digress. I find Gwyneth to be interesting and attractive because she loves food and wine, and understands that she has to work hard to be able to achieve a level of fitness in spite of that healthy appetite. I liked her quote on Oprah, "When you're 35, you either starve yourself, or you do serious cardio. There's no free ride."

And I also buy into the notion that, though she may have this amazing trainer and a great gym in every home, that I can do it too. Okay no, I'll never look like Gwyneth Paltrow, but, working with my strengths and weaknesses I can look like the best version of me. I'm definitely interested in the workout and the technique that her trainer uses, though. The personal trainer who has helped to re-shape Gwyneth and Madonna's bodies is Tracy Anderson. Now, she's no stranger to controversy herself, but if her system works, it works.
She has three DVDs available, for $29.95 each on Amazon.

The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout DVD
Tracy Anderson Method Presents Dance Cardio Workout DVD
The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post Pregnancy Workout DVD

I would try the first two, and think I will...and maybe the last one after having a baby. Tracy's system is, if I understand it correctly, based on Pilates, with her own twist. I have done Pilates before and loved it. I saw results and felt longer and leaner, but my wallet felt leaner too and I just simply can't afford it right now.

Watching Tracy and Gwyneth train in the segment on the Oprah show, I was very inspired to try this at home for myself. Tracy says that women do not need to lift weights any heavier than 3lbs, so this seems to be something that my Arthritic joints could handle quite easily.

I'll let you know what happens - I'll be ordering the DVDs in the next few days, and if you have tried or are going to as well, please let me know your thoughts, and your results! We'll check in again in a few months.

If you missed the Oprah show, you can catch some of the highlights here and in a video here.

Til then, keep sweating!!

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