Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ModernGear Beauty: My skin doesn't respond well to a treatment, but the company does...

Oh, the things I do in the name of beauty! Both beauty for myself, and for my readers, that is. I have been testing a product that is supposed to grow amazing, thick, long eyelashes so at the beginning of the test I decided to take some close-up pictures of my lashes as a "before" and then would do one in a few months as an "after" shot.

So I took the pics loaded them onto the computer and..."What??? What's that? Are those SPOTS, on my face?" It appeared so. I suspected they were sun spots, not freckles, because I'm not an overly freckly girl.

There were beige-coloured spots across my nose and around my eyes, even though I'm pretty much vigilant when it comes to sunscreen. Well, you've probably read that most of the damage done to your skin happens in your youth, so I was looking at the results of not being so vigilant when I was younger. I decided to check out whether they were treatable, and thought I'd do a story for you here, as well as for Long Beach Magazine, while I was at it.

I went to a great clinic in Torrance called Celibre, and the short version of this long story is that I didn't react well to the laser treatment. What was supposed to be temporary redness turned into extreme swelling and heat, redness, rashiness, and general OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.

The fact is, I must have extremely sensitive skin. The practitioner Lori (who is also a nurse) did nothing wrong - I just didn't react well. As they say, **** happens. And sometimes it happens to our faces. I am much, much better now and I would heartily, 100% recommend this treatment, and Celibre. I had read up on the treatment and had a good sit-down with Lori before we began, and think it's something that anyone should do if they want to treat their sunspots.

I say this because I believe in the treatment itself, but the response of the company to my reaction was when I truly knew I was dealing with pros.

Some companies and practitioners might look the other way, tell me to go to a drug store for some lotions and creams, or just wait it out. But Lori communicated with me in the days that followed, and even sent me some green tea products to soothe and heal my skin.

I have now experienced Celibre's Fortified Green Tea Wash ($22)
Fortified Green Tea Cream ($55)
and Anti-Photoaging Sunscreen. This product is absolutely amazing - not only is it a great protectant with SPF 45, but it also imparts a glow to my face that leaves me healthier-looking than bare skin. I can't find the specific product online, but here's another of their sunscreens, the Elite Sunscreen Micronized Zinc SPF 30, $22.
I am a complete convert for their Green tea line of products. (I have written about Beautea's green tea line for the body in the past - seems I am a green tea kind of woman!) I'm getting in touch with Lori today to see if she has any recommendations for an eye cream and to order more Fortified Green Tea Cream, as well.

So the lesson of this tale from me to you is, don't be afraid of beauty services but know that you might react funny. And if you happen to, you'll be able to separate the truly caring, class acts from the not-so-much, by their own reaction.

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