Sunday, September 7, 2008

ModernGear Food: Cottage Cheese with Radishes and Chives

This recipe is so simple that I pretty much just wrapped it up in the title. That's it, and goodnight. Don't forget to turn off the lights on your way out.

Okay, hang on...we're in this together. Like the weird guy who wore striped tights at the gym used to yell, "LET'S DO THIS!!!"

This recipe is a favourite for us here at the ModernGear TV household - we have it on the weekend for breakfast or brunch, and love it each and every time. Plus, it's pretty good for you. Eating healthy has never tasted better...

What I love the most, though, is that the simple recipe is a dish that my husband's Mom used to make for him, then he made it for me, and now I make it for us. They're from Poland, so I think I'm going to spice up the name of this little dish. Don't mind me taking artistic liberties...chefs can do that. Just look at Rachael Ray and her "E-V-O-O"...even though every time she says that I want to fill my ears with sand. I shan't say any more on the subject.

This recipe has measurements of "a bunch" and such, so if you're someone who really must use specific measurements then, hmmm. I dunno, live a little. It's really easily tailored for however much you want.


a bunch (a head?) of radishes - I had 13 in this morning's bunch
a bunch of chives
cottage cheese - 1 1/2lb or so...
salt and pepper to taste
1. Wash and chop radishes. They don't have to be tiny or finely chopped, just nice chunks. When I first started making this, I chopped and cut and diced, each little tiny radish into exceedingly smaller bits and bits. Okay, I'll put it this way - I usually get about 24 small pieces from each radish.

The pile of radish pieces below looks positively mountainous...

But in perspective you can see it's really just 13 radishes, chopped up. And you know, I want to say something here. The radish is a very underrated and under-celebrated vegetable. They used to freak me out something fierce. I mean, a crunchy vegetable that made my mouth burn. It just seemed wrong. Now though, it seems so, so right.

2. Wash and chop chives. Combine with radishes.
3. Mix in cottage cheese, and season with salt and pepper to taste.4. Plate 'er up. Bread, meet the best thing that will ever happen to you.


Or as my husband would say, Smacznego!



I have to admit at first thought this recipe scares me (my mouth loves cottage cheese but my gag reflex doesn't quite get it)... yet, at the time, totally intrigues me.

I'm SO trying it. My gagger will let you know how it goes over. Or down I should say.

justa 'nother foodie (lauren halliburton) said...

YUM!! I'm totally gonna try this out this weekend!! THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

I was just blessed to share a traditional Polish meal with a friend and had this dish - YUM!