Friday, September 5, 2008

ModernGear Baby and Kids: Sunburns after Summer

Mid-summer I had grand plans to share loads of seasonal products with you but, like it always does, time seemed to accelerate. So here we are, with kids back in school and people back to work, and summer product samples still sitting on my ModernGear TV shelf.

Earlier in the summer a reader wrote in and ask about sunscreens that were safe for her kids. As summer has almost slipped away, you might think it's too late to answer this but it's a question (and answer) that is relevant year-round.

First of all, there are readers in other locales that experience weather opposite from what I am, so they are just getting into their hot days now, and secondly, though your lazy days of summer may be over, the sun never takes a day off.
The sun can still do damage into the winter months, and as skin and cancer specialists tell us, sun exposure before the age of 18 causes damage to skin for the rest of your life, babies and kids need year-round protection.

For product recommendations, I turned to people who know - Moms, and owners of stores for moms and kids, and I tested some out in the hot sun of Southern California.

The product I kept hearing about is one I happily recommend in turn, because I've had a chance to try it: Baby Silk by MD Moms, a product line by two women who are pediatricians and mothers.
Here's what readers had to say:

Baby Silk has a nice product line that includes hair and body wash, balm and powder, and diaper rash cream, but I tested the babysafe sunscreen towelettes for this story. I just loved them. They are conveniently packaged in either singles ($7.50 for 3)
or in a re-sealable, easy-to-carry packet of 15 ($26).
One towelette is infused with enough sunscreen to cover baby from head to adorable toes, and the sunscreen is a sweat-proof, SPF 30+ and enriched with Vitamin E and B5, marine silk, aloe and oat for baby's skin.

You can buy Baby Silk products on their web site, and there is an extensive stores list across the U.S. and Canada, with international locations as well, listed here.

I am so interested in the fact that this is product line developed by two Moms who are also pediatricians, and so I'll be doing a video with them in the months to come. Stay tuned for that!

I tested another sunscreen product after getting this recommendation:

I found this sunscreen to have a really great, fresh scent, and loved that it was quickly absorbed and non-oily, even on my hands. It would be a great product for moms to use and then not have to wash their hands after (sometimes there's no time!). Check out for more information and to purchase Sol Kid Kare 25 online.

Two more products get honourable mentions - I did not get to try these but the recommendations from moms count for a lot.

Check out

We've still got some warm days left this year, but they'll come to an end soon. Just remember when you pack up the croquet set, the hibachi and the water wings until next year, don't put away the sunscreen.

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