Friday, August 15, 2008

ModernGear Women: Sometimes it's good to be chunky and long!

In life, certain words have mixed meanings depending on their context. Take the word, "chunky". Use chunky in relation to thighs...bad. Regarding things like peanut butter, or jewelry...not so bad! And then the word "long". No-one likes to hear that the story they told was a little long, or they're looking a little long in the tooth, but describe a woman as long-legged, and she'd probably thank you.

But I digress (as usual)...I'm just happy to report that we're going to be using both of these words in only a good context, starting now. We can thank fashion for this, because of two major trends for fall jewelry - chunky, and long.

As usual, a stylish celebrity has shown us the way: witness one fabulous Yummy Mommy Halle Berry.
Speaking of Yummy Mommies, it seems that bibs are making a statement this fall - but not those you tie around a neck to collect dribbles and food...rather, Bib necklaces.

I like a few examples of this new style:

Banana Republic's Geometric Bib Necklace, $150

Banana Republic's Multi Gem Bib Necklace, $79

Janis Savitt Ball Necklace, Neiman Marcus $1000

And while I like the look of bib necklaces, I think that another fall jewelry trend is a bit more wearable day-to-day...that of the long necklace. Again let's turn to some well-known fashion lovers for their take on the trend.

Reese Witherspoon works it well with a chunky, longer necklace...thrice!

Angie Harmon

Leighton Meester

Blake Lively goes for the long but more delicate...

Tori Spelling

And there's Halle again, wearing the heck out of that gorgeous necklace.

Regular necklaces come in at about 16-18" long - here are some of my favourites that are between two and four feet.

From Sontza Design Works ( sister Tanya!), my favourites - Freesia ($175)

and Gardenia ($175). She also has two other beautiful designs, and earrings to match as well.

From Lolo Jewellery, the delicate Lisette necklace: 3-5 feet, Swarovski crystals and gold fill chain, $375.

42" Wood and Shell necklace
$8/2 for $10

Kenneth Jay Lane Extra Long Necklace
Kenneth Jay Lane Extra Long Necklace

Cynthia Dugan Jewelry Sterling Bead Necklace Knotted on Silk


Cynthia Dugan Jewelry Sterling Bead Necklace Knotted on Silk

Gara Danielle Gold Link Chain Necklace


Gara Danielle Gold Link Chain Necklace

Gorjana Silver Savannah Wrap Necklace


Gorjana Silver Savannah Wrap Necklace

Examples run the range from cheap to expensive, depending on your budget and taste...but I think of this style as more of an investment piece as it's so versatile - you can wrap it a few times for a shorter style, or wear it long and loose...however you decide to showcase it, it's going to be pretty.

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