Thursday, August 21, 2008

ModernGear Women: Painless pampering

I recently spoiled myself with some Tocca.

Did I go for the Linda Coat, a luxurious treat at $649?
Or was it the more wallet-friendly, but just as stylish, $297 Carolyn Dress?

As much as I love both, it was neither, actually. What I did get my hands on, was Stella.

As in, Stella Laundry Delicate Blood Orange Fine Fabric Wash...$15 for 8 ounces, and worth every penny. A small capful does a load of lingerie either by with handwashing or on the delicate cycle in the washing machine, and imparts an absolutely delicious blood orange fragrance and feather-soft finish, throughout every fibre and thread. It's gentle and lovely for silk and cashmere, and makes linens smell heavenly.

Other scents available in the Tocca Laundry Delicate range are:
Cleopatra - Grapefruit Cucumber
Florence - Orris Rose and
Touch - Pomegranate Tiare Flower

Sure, you can buy a huge jug of liquid laundry detergent for under $20, but there's just something so special about pampering yourself with a little treat like this. There's more than enough socks, workout wear and jeans to use up all that Tide anyway. Your special things deserve better...and so, my dear, do you.

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Abby said...

Man, I think I may actually have started salivating just thinking about the scent of blood orange... It's very alluring.

I am actually writing though, because I was nominated for a lil award. And in return I got to nominate a few people. So I thought I'd nominate you!

Here's the rules: You link to the referrer, you download the award image and post it on your own blog and then you get to nominate up to 7 people.

It's wonderful and fun so I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!