Friday, August 22, 2008

ModernGear Health: clean and smooth teeth

Not many of us like to go to the dentist, but we can probably all agree that the clean, smooth teeth we have after a professional cleaning is worth the time, money, and pain.

Well, most times. Not in the case of a certain sadistic hygienist in Vancouver who wielded her tools like a slasher movie villain. The woman is simply in the wrong profession, but I think she had to find a new one anyway once I took care of her with my seething complaint letter and calls.

"The power of the pen is great in this one. Mmm hmm..." says Yoda.
Unless you want to end up with teeth like Yoda, you have to visit the dentist regularly. But there's a new tool you can take into your home dental arsenal in addition to regular toothpaste and floss, that will help you achieve those just-been-for-a-cleaning results, every week.

My very favourite toothpaste company Crest (they are NOT paying me to say that - I've loved Crest since my dentist Dr. Boris recommended it when I was a wee lass), is debuting their brand new Weekly Clean™ Intensive Cleaning Paste in September, but I got my hands (and teeth) on a tester.

The results? Mama likey.

Crest Weekly Clean is a paste formulation that is said to "polish your teeth with an ingredient similar to what dentists use", and I can feel the results. Smooth, polished, satiny teeth are achieved with a painless regular brushing.

It isn't a regular fluoride paste, so think of it as being to your teeth what a beauty masque is to your face. You wash and moisturize in addition to the masque, and you'll still have to brush your teeth with regular paste before or after using the Weekly Clean.

Crest Weekly Clean will be available in mint flavour in September, at drug, grocery and mass stores for $3.99. For more information, visit

Oh, and by the way, you also shouldn't look at this as a way to extend the time between regular visits to the dentist...but it can make those six months feel less fuzzy and furry. For your teeth, that is. You're on your own if Yoda shows up at the door.

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