Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ModernGear Kids: vitamins your kids will ask you for

From babyhood forward, parents ask questions and make decisions every single day, for the sake of raising healthy, happy children. Do we let our kids watch television? Do we allow them to eat chicken nuggets and mac and cheese five days in a row if that's all they want? Do we give them vitamins?

That last one must be a tough one - as with any issue, each side side has their own strong opinions. One side says that kids should get enough nutrition from their daily diet to fulfill all requirements, and the other side says that the word should in the first part of this sentence says it all. That kids should, but rarely do eat a balanced diet (hello chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for five days in a row) and even if we're talking about those rare kids who do eat all of their vegetables, depleted soil and pesticide residue mean that veggies are not as healthy as they used to be, and organic vegetables are very expensive.

And so, without me taking any side in the debate, let's just say you're on the side of giving vitamins to your kids. I don't think there's much chance of getting little Tommy or Becky to swallow one of the stinky vitamin pills that we adults take, and manufacturers realized this when they created liquid vitamins, and those in the shape of cartoon characters, gummy bears and lollipops.

A brand new vitamin for kids four years old and up by New Chapter Organics is even more fun. At least I think the name of solid product testing, I've enjoyed them for three days now. EveryKid is a 100% organic whole-food complex multivitamin that comes in powder form, in a handy packet.

EveryKid joins the line of New Chapter Organics vitamins for men and women -
New Chapter Organics Every Woman's One Daily - $35.97 for 90 tablets on Amazon,

New Chapter Organics Every Man's Once Daily - $32.97 for 90 tablets,

as well as their Perfect Prenatal - $47.97 for 180 tablets.
What has health food nuts (and parents) raving about this vitamin is the fact that its ingredients are derived from whole foods, which wiki tells us are those that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible before being consumed. Whole foods are more readily absorbed by the body, rather than synthetic chemical isolates that are more common in most other vitamin and mineral supplements.
EveryKid comes in two great flavors - Awesome Apple and Brilliant Berries, and are sweetened by cane juice and molasses. The powder doesn't have to be mixed into water or juice, just open up a packet, tip it back and roll it around your tongue for a healthy burst of flavor.

The new kid in class is so new that EveryKid isn't even on the New Chapter Organics' web site yet, but it is available in stores now. I picked a week's worth of packets up at Whole Foods, but there is an extensive stores list featuring outlets across Canada and the U.S. on their site.

I paid $8.99 for seven packets, and it seems that in-store versus online, since it's such a new product, isn't such a bad way to go. has them priced at 26.49 for 28, where Whole Foods has them on promotion - 28 on sale now for $ with shipping added on from internet shopping, you might just want to pick them up at the grocery store yourself. I'm betting you can find them for a good price online in a while though - check Amazon later on, where you can usually find really good pricing.

Here's to your (and your children's) health!

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Anonymous said...

You look like a kid yourself! Probably a very good thing for you to be taking...and I actually agree with giving kids vitamins. You show me a kid who eats according to food guides!