Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ModernGear Men: Ride 'em, cowboy!

As I mentioned yesterday, the maker of the original cowboy shirt, "Papa Jack" Weil, passed away last week at age 107. We have Papa Jack to thank for the wonder that is the snap-button cowboy shirt, and I wish I could have done so.

There's something very hot about a man in a cowboy shirt. Of course with the cross-over in fashion, a guy wearing a one might have never saddled a horse or roped a calf, but he's at least partially equipped to do so. It's true...in case you thought that cowboy shirts were all fashion and no function, set your eyes on the cool that is Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man, a real-life, honest-to-goodness cowboy, who wears cowboy shirts, doing all his cowboy things.

From authentic working cowboy to emo rocker to club-going metrosexual to my favourite, casual engineer (I'm talking to you, Mr. ModernGear TV), men wearing any variation of plaid shirt, cowboy shirt, work shirt or flannel shirt are more than okay in my books.

Matthew McConnaughey to Jonah Hill as Seth in Superbad, celebrity males are working the cowboy shirt.

You can get a version of Jonah's shirt at The Wild Cowboy:
Black Piped Mens Western Shirt, $36.95

It's also very fashionable to borrow your man's clothes (or look like you do)...so feast your eyes on these shirts that female readers just might want to borrow.

From Rockmount Ranch Wear
Men's Taupe Shadow Plaid Western Shirt, $67

From ssense.com
Nudie Jeans - Nudie Gilbert Blue Red Plaid Shirt, $299

Nudie Jeans - Nudie Theo Brown Orange Plaid Shirt, $175

From Hanger 94
Billabong Weston L/S Button Down
, $48.99

Billabong Weston L/S Button Down

From Sheplers.com
Roper tonal embroidered western shirt, $58

Wrangler black plaid Rock 47 shirt, $50

Forever 21/Heritage 1981
Decker LS Plaid Woven Shirt, $23.90
From Urban Outfitters
Salt Valley Western, $44

Diesel Salbe Long Sleeve Western, $140

One last thing - cowboy wisdom doesn't end at the fashion statement of a cowboy shirt - there's a lot you can learn from a cowboy, like...don't squat with your spurs on.


Anonymous said...

I agree - men in cowboy or plaid shirts are just hot!! (well, most are...I am not sure you'd call that Jonah guy hot but whatever you're into!!)

Cowboy Spurs said...

I am not sure they are "hot" :) but RIP anyway.

Cacties Western Clothing said...

I agree. Do not squat with your spurs on.

ModernGear TV said...

My goodness! Two real life cowboys commenting on my post? Howdy! Thanks for stopping by - hope you like what you see.