Friday, July 11, 2008

ModernGear Travel: Carry on in style

You know those photos of actors and celebrities looking cool and styled either just before or just after a long flight?
Reese Witherspoon, LAX

Patrick Dempsey LAX

Are you all, "WTF?" Yeah, me too.
Angelina Jolie LAX

I mean come on, already. Realistically when I try to adopt this "so stylish it comes naturally" look, I inevitably end up rushing around the airport with hair sticking to my sweaty face, trying to juggle passport, boarding pass, cup of coffee and new magazine, while simultaneously trying to remember if I left the iron on at home and whether or not I have the large bottle of contact solution in my carry-on.

These men and women seem to be able to take it all in stride as another opportunity to be chic, and I am not talking about even those few cream of the crop who fly by private jet:

Kate Hudson - private jet, Miami

Jonas Brothers - private jet, Luton airport near London

but the ones who travel with the rest of us peons (er, sorry, "normal people")...I do hear that Victoria Beckham changes into sweats for the flight and then back into her nice outfit just before landing, and that's one way. But actors do this for a living and have just learned how to travel.
Gisele Bundchen LAX

One good rule I can glean from their example is the power and utility of a great carry-on. This is a lesson my husband and I learned the hard way on our honeymoon to Europe. The picture below depicts the only things I had after we landed in Berlin but our luggage didn't, for a total of two days. Undies included. No wonder I look so tired and edgy.

So now that I know I can't be caught without a carry-on, what to carry on? A lot of celebs are seen with a Louis Vuitton carry-all that would definitely more than suit my needs, but not necessarily my wallet:Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 $685, Speedy 35 $710, Speedy 40 $735

I am really partial to a nice leather carry-on like Daniel Craig's:

Daniel Craig, Nice airport

Daniel Craig, LAX

So I went hunting for options. Here are some slightly more affordable options in leather and other materials, for your viewing and traveling pleasure:
Varsity Bag in Vintage Tribe Leather
Large Colorado Bag in Classic Prince Leather
Large Banff bag

From Flight 001
Y-3 black duffel

Soft Duffle from Mandarina Duck's Flight collection
Maldive Weekender Bag by Hayden-Harnett
Alpha Travel & Business Large Soft Travel Satchel

Kenneth Cole
Call Your Duff bag

Duff Draft

These are just a smattering of the basic travel or duffel bags that are on the market, from lines and sites that I was already familiar with but there are a ton (almost too many) choices available - a good idea is to check at outlets for a good line that is available at a more affordable price.

I like a duffel better than a small suitcase as a carry-on. If you can be disciplined enough to not ball up and shove everything into it, (at least on the way there) then there's a surprising amount you can fit in, and if it's not got everything but the kitchen sink in it, it's more easily carried and stowed.

Plus, you can use it as a gym bag when you're not traveling, rather than a smaller suitcase carry-on which just sits forlornly in your closet, waiting for your next trip.

So whatever you decide on, happy trails to you!

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Nice bags! Now if that's you looking tired and grumpy then we're all in trouble. Me tired and grumpy is not something I could put on the internet.