Monday, July 14, 2008

ModernGear Home: Oh My, the omop™

Nobody likes housecleaning. Well scratch that...not many people like housecleaning - just a rather odd few who enjoy the means as much as the end. My husband, as it turns out, is actually on that short list. I know, I married well.

In cleaning mode he speeds through the house like a tornado, except in his wake he leaves things neat, tidy and fresh. Put some good music on, give the man a bottle of Guinness for one hand and a broom for the other, and he's as happy as a pig in s**t, ironically. And he's downright enthusiastic about the task when he finds tools and products that make his efforts more effective with less energy and time expended.

Enter his new favourite wood-floor washing assistant, the Method omop wood care kit. Never before have I heard such raving, and the information and photos below are from his first experience with the product, and my reaction when I entered the house after his latest marathon cleaning session.

I'll start with the box the kit comes in because it's so cool. It's made of pressed bamboo fibers and recycled paper, and is compostable and recyclable. I like the idea that a box my husband took off of a store shelf could help grow his hot peppers and tomatoes in the back yard, rather than spend the next 10,000 years pretending to break down in a landfill.

The mop itself is great - hubby says to take note that the actual chamois/microfiber is on velcro that actually sticks, is washable and reusable. And the non-toxic, no-wax, biodegradable cleaner comes in a recyclable plastic bottle. But I wondered, aside from all those features that Method does so well to appeal to the environmentalist in all of us, would the product actually impress?

My husband said that used full-strength (as directed) the floor wash actually ends up leaving spots on the floor, which was likely due to previous wax build up. However, when diluted, the product works amazingly well. Best of all, it smells beautiful. Method says it's almond scented and though I'm not sure that I smell almond after it's been used, it's just about exactly what I'd imagine a freshly cleaned house should smell like, rather than fake pine or lemon.

And my goodness, does it make a wood floor shine (but it can be used on laminate as well):

Mr. ModernGear TV liked the floor wash so much that he's since re-stocked with a bottle of it, and has used it several times. Did I mention that I married well?!

You can order Method products on their web site at, or pick up at many different stores across Canada, the U.S., Australia, and the U.K.

omop™ wood floor care kit
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Kathryn said...

I second Konrad's endorsement - I LOVE the omop (and pretty much all of the Method line)!

Jill Loren said...

WOW! The shine! You read my mind - I have been searching for a good hardwood floor mop without spending an absolute fortune. Loving the emails, Tam!

ModernGear TV said...

Thank you, Jill! I know, I love the shine too! Makes me feel like I am living in a if only I could maintain it!

Kathryn, me too - I use a lot of their products as well...

Randy said...

I totally need to get one of these.

Barb said...

I was just looking at my hardwood floors last week thinking, they need a pick me up. I will now be going out to find the Method mop. Konrad did such a great job on your floors, hmm we will have to see if Dave can do as well!
Thanks Tam for all the great info!

Anonymous said...

My workmate Ro says she loves her omop! She told me she was going to post a comment to let you know but I guess I beat her to it. That's 2 of my pals who own one. Ro and Barb. Guess what I'm going shopping for? I also love the Method liquid soap. And like my famous daughter, I love the lavender one.