Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ModernGear Active: fun yoga mats by Plank

Hey - you in the downward-facing dog...what 'cha lookin' at? Not much? I know.

Oh sure, it would be lovely if you were really so in the Zen zone that you didn't have to stifle the odd yawn during your yoga practice but let's be honest - unless (and even if) you've achieved Yogi status, sometimes it's not such a bad thing to lighten up the atmosphere in the studio.

I'm definitely not suggesting bodily function humour (though who hasn't let a silent one slip in a particularly relaxing pose...guilty as charged...) but maybe just a small injection of humour to help put the "HA" into Hatha once in a while.

I'd suggest starting with a great yoga mat from Plank.

The Cobra isn't just a yoga pose, it's also the name of this photo yoga mat ($85), featuring lush grass that would be gorgeous between your toes and a sneaky snake in the grass. Just be careful he doesn't bite you in the asanas.
I also love the Shag yoga mat, $85. Sink your hands into this fine plushness, lovely for the Cat Flow series.
In the end, though, my favourite is in the Text series ($65)...look closer and you'll see what I am more likely than not, thinking of during my yoga routine...
You can check out more Plank products at, and also see their stores list for retail locations in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and more.



Billigflüge Südamerika said...

I like the cobra!!!! it´s awesome, makes you feel like you were outdoors, when you have to stay at home, because it´s raining or something like that. nice blog, nice post. I´ll follow it.

ModernGear TV said...

Thank you! That's true too, hadn't thought of that benefit...though it would sure be nice to do yoga on the grass, wouldn't it? Welcome to MGTV, see you around here!