Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ModernGear Food: Evolution fresh juice

You know when you're rushing through the grocery store and someone at a stand asks if you want to try something they're sampling? Let me give you one piece of advice: never, ever, say no. Because if you do, you might miss out on something absolutely wonderful...

Though I've been introduced to some truly disgusting pasta and cereal this way, I'm happy to report some successful forays into all that sampling has to offer. I've tasted a breathtaking fish pasta that I've successfully reproduced for enough dinner parties that it's become known as my signature dish, I've learned how to make a nice remoulade, I've tasted cold pressed olive oil from New Zealand, and just today I had a glass of watermelon juice that was the very definition of the word fresh.
It was from Evolution, which is a company started by the original people behind Naked Juice. They do more than juice - much, much more - like fresh cut veggies and fruits, soups, salsas and dips and burritos.

None of the products have preservatives, and all products are as fresh as they can possibly be - because of this they can rightfully boast about cracking their own coconuts and peeling their own fruit, like bananas, kiwis and papayas. Juices are fresh pressed and not from concentrate, and the truth is in the taste...and in the shelf life - most of the juices last for 15 days, as compared to 30-60 days from other companies. I don't know about you, but to me lasting longer on the shelf isn't a positive thing.

Evolution is a family-owned and that speaks to me as well. So in the end, there's only one drawback in telling you about this great company and its delicious products...the fact that for now, you can only get them in California.

I guess you'll just have to come and visit.

Just don't forget as you walk the aisles of your favourite grocery store in your own neighbourhood - in Vancouver or Toronto, Edmonton or Ottawa, Los Angeles or New York, Paris or Berlin...the sampler is your friend. Trust them and they'll lead you to all that is good.

P.S. Update! For readers in Vancouver, I just found out about another excellent fresh fruit company who serves your area - check out Twin Berry Farms for the blueberries so fresh, they're practically still warm from the sun!


Anonymous said...

I love juicing watermelon but it gets way too expensive - what are the prices per bottle? Not that I live in California, but am just curious.

Anonymous said...

Evolution Watermelon and a lot of other truly fresh juices are also available up here in Seattle at PCC!

Anonymous said...

imodyI just purchased a twin-pack of half-gallons of the Tangerine Juice at Costco in Albuquerque, NM. The juice has a good texture and my family prefers to dilute it and drink it lnstead of soft drinks or other juices. It also works well as a substitute for the liquid in fruit bread & muffins. Definitely a keeper.