Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ModernGear Women: Tress stress

Moving to a new country is stressful - there's just no way it can't be. Packing up everything you own and relocating to a new place, saying goodbye to everything and everyone you know...but when we recently moved from Vancouver, BC to Long Beach, CA, the hardest part wasn't saying goodbye to friends and family, because at least I knew they'd call, e-mail, and come to visit. It was saying goodbye to David.

I knew I would miss him terribly. For months now, since I was introduced to him by a friend, he's put up with my quirks and my demands, my need for chocolate, wine and a little head massage. He hasn't minded when I have shown him pictures of other women, or of me in better days, printed from my computer, torn out of a magazine, saved on my video iPod. Oh, my David, how I miss you.

Couldn't I have asked him to come? Well, maybe...but the A Salon might have missed him. He was, you see, my hair stylist.

I will forever remember him as the man who emboldened me to take risks, to try new things...to cut my hair. He helped me be confident enough to take me from this:
to this:
At the time I wondered if it was maybe a bit drastic - I mean, I loved my long hair. I could wear it in braids, a ponytail, long waves, straight...but it was awfully boring. No style whatsoever. When I switched salons and stylists, I knew it was time. I had been longing for style, for panache, for punch, for a Posh Spice bob. So I got one.

Then after a while I decided I was tired of the sides being longer - I am a chronic hmmm...how do I term this? Hair-putter-behind-ears-er. Notice how Posh never shows her ears? The woman has incredible self-control to leave it out, on top of her ears. (To say nothing of that whole not eating thing. And being away from Becks on tour...anyhoo...) So I am back to growing it out again, somewhat. Here's kind of where I am today, though this was just out of the shower and not styled.

I am not doing much with it these days beyond this...I am 25 weeks pregnant and know that soon, I'm going to want to just put it up in a bun or ponytail again while I have something a lot more important to focus on, and by the time the immediate needs of the wee one are taken care of, my hope is that it's grown enough to be able to achieve one of these yummy looks:
Courtney and her fabulous hair

Lucy Liu of the beautiful waves fame

Jennifer and her healthy blonde locks

Marla has a great sweep
Would love Kate Walsh's healthy hair. (And her healthy cleavage).

Angelina and her beautiful side part

I know, I know - the pictures I've provided are of women who are lucky enough to have the best of everything - stylists, lighting, Brad Pitt (ahem, sorry, I digress)...and I am a lowly style writer and trends podcaster but I have thus far failed to mention my secret weapon: Michelle.

Michelle, My Belle.

She's the new girl in my life, from Bella Salon in Long Beach, CA. I haven't loved my cut and color this much since, well, since David! She's fashionable, a mom to a sweet young boy, and just generally gets me.

Not to mention the products I picked up last time I was there. As a style and beauty writer who regularly tests out new products to be able to write about them effectively, I am a bit of a product slut. My favourite spray-in conditioner is Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hairtherapy Moisture Kick, and I will never, ever stop using it. (I've taken the liberty of finding it for you so you can try it too! I got mine for $18.00CAD from a salon in Vancouver, but it's available for $13USD on Amazon.)

It smells amazing and fresh, it's lightweight and it un-frizzes my hair like nothing else. But I've added a new batch of weapons to my cache, from France - mais oui!

Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Shampoo


Kerastase Nutritive Nutridefense Masque

The Kerastase products feel absolutely indulgent because of their heady scent and incredible quality. This isn't drugstore stuff, people. Michelle explained to me that the conditioner comes in this sort of tub packaging because it's a true hair masque, and the French believe that a woman deserves spa treatments, even when at home.

I get results that are incroyable when I start first with the great, thick shampoo and rinse well, then take a dollop of conditioner about the size of a quarter and run it through my hair, then wrap it in a towel (a warmed towel is even better), and sit back in the tub with a copy of Vogue, letting the masque works its magic. (The Vogue is essential... hee hee)...a nice rinse and my hair is lustrous, shiny, manageable, and smells gorgeous. My hubby has commented on this on many an occasion.

I'll also leave you with just a bit of advice as to how to find your Michelle. I arrived in Long Beach not knowing a soul - certainly not any sources with whom I could trust my hair. I couldn't make plans to get back to Vancouver to see David when I was getting shaggy or had my roots showing. So I did the only thing I could - found a girl with pretty hair, followed her, and unabashedly asked her where she got it done.

We can't be shy about such things, girls. Allay your tress stress when you've lost your David, by being observant, bold, taking such matters into your own hands, and for the love of God, invest in some great product.

Contact info:
A Salon
Century Plaza Hotel & Spa
2nd Floor 1015 Burrard St.
Vancouver BC
Canada V6Z 1Y5
Tel 604.697.5321
Web www.asalon.ca

Bella Salon
5852 E Naples Plz
Long Beach, CA, 90803
(562) 856-3700



Tam... where can I get the Kerastase products in Vancouver? I've been looking for one that Dooce recommended a while back but I haven't found it anywhere. Did you ever see it in Van? And I'm SO trying the hairspray... thanks for the great share tip.

ModernGear TV said...

Hi Marfsbaby!

I am not sure about Kerastase in Vancouver as I had not known about it then...I did a quick search on their web site and they don't even have their Canadian web site up yet. I do know that the parent company is L'Oreal, for what that's worth...

You can order it from my site via Amazon though, and it would come.
And the hair conditioner yummy stuff, you can order that through the post and Amazon too, or locally (Van) I got it from Maude on 4th.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kathryn said...

Suki's carries the Kerastase line in Vancouver