Monday, June 16, 2008

ModernGear Women: Jennifer Meyer jewelry

Jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer became known for her leaf pendant, worn by Jennifer Aniston in The Break-Up. Jennifer's character might have broken up with Vince Vaughn's in the movie, but Jennifer A. stayed with Jennifer M, showing her love for the jewelry line by wearing it out and about after the shoot ended.

Jennifer Aniston in The Break-Up

Jennifer Aniston wearing Jennifer Meyer leaf pendant

Large 18k White Gold Leaf Necklace

Small 18k Yellow Gold Leaf Necklace

Since then, Meyer has kept the iconic leaf pendant in her collection and updated it with various jewel embellishments:
Small 18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Leaf Necklace

Small 18k Yellow Gold and Sapphire Leaf Necklace

Small 18k White Gold and Diamond Leaf Necklace

and the leaf is also available as earrings:

Large 18k Yellow Gold Leaf Earrings

A lot of times I'll like one or two pieces from a jewelry line, but there are so many amazing pieces in the Jennifer Meyer collection - in categories of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets - that I would be hard-pressed to be able to choose which one I'd like to invest in...but I would likely start small, with one of her stackable rings.

18K White Gold Stackable Rings with Diamond

So when my sister turned 40 last Friday, I knew this was going to be the perfect gift for her. My sis has slender fingers and beautiful hands, and with 40 being one of those big birthdays, I figured I had to commemorate it with something truly special.

It took a bit of work track down the one that I wanted. Knowing I was going to be flying in to Seattle and spending a day there before driving up to Canada, I checked out the stores list on, and called to see if Barney's in Seattle had what I wanted. Nope. I then phoned all the Los Angeles area stores, thinking I could make it before I left for the airport (okay, I left it a bit late!)...finally, as I was about to board the plane, I got a call back from the awesome Roseark, saying they had one in her size!

It was too late to run down and pick it up, so I asked them to overnight it to me where I was staying (at the beautiful Hotel Andra in Seattle), whipped out my Visa, and it was done as easy as that! I ended up unable to get the diamond ring, so I got a beautiful turquoise stone set into white gold. I thought my sis would love to stack the turquoise blue and diamond bands on her right hand. When I unwrapped it, I was pleasantly surprised that it is even more delicate and beautiful than it seems in the picture.

I tied a pink ribbon to it and plunked it inside a perfect green glassybaby that I picked up in Seattle:
and gave it to her with the instructions that she would get one a year until she told me she had enough...and knowing my sister, that'll take a while!

By the way, she loved it...and we had a great time celebrating her milestone 40th.
Tanya, front and centre, with the girls

Thank you to Roseark for helping me get this done! You can check out the collection at, and at select stores in the USA and Canada.

Happy birthday, Tanya!


Sontza Design Works said...

As the recipient of said ring I can tell you most certainly it is gorgeous! Dainty and slender and feels wonderful on. It will definately take years for me to tell her I've got enough?

Thanks again Tamara!!


Leeza said...

What gorgeous jewelry images - really sublime.

ModernGear TV said...

You are so welcome, my sweet! I am so glad you love it!

Leeza, you got that right, girl!

Anonymous said...

Um, can I adopt you as my sister? NICE GIFTS!!!

Teal Chic said...

I second anonymous...I don't have a sister, will you be mine? Jennifer Meyer is an amazing artist, and she's just as wonderful of a person by donating all proceeds from the Stand Up 2 Cancer necklace she designed. True class!!!

ModernGear TV said...

Teal Chic, hello and welcome! Of course I'll be your sister, how sad that you don't have one!

And I didn't know that about Jennifer Meyer, thank you so much for sharing that. She is really wonderful, and her rings...OY! Don't get me started!!