Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ModernGear Women: A cheeky, squeaky clean with Soap & Glory

I'm very good at starting things, but not so good at the continuing or the finishing...latin class, painting lessons, voice coaching, a new perfume.

I chalk it up to (blame it on) being a reporter for 14+ years - journalists need to quickly get up to speed on a topic and just as quickly be able to drop it and move on to the next story. So, I figure I come by it honestly - getting bored easily and running off to a new adventure (or a new perfume) after a few tries, is in my blood.

Luckily that penchant for seeking what's hot just around the corner doesn't apply to my love life (very happily married) and I am actually surprised to find myself saying this, but I think I might actually be settling down in another way as well - with a line of bath and body products I discovered recently.

Both - husband, and soap/lotion - smell great, do what they say they're going to do, and have a wicked sense of humour.

Now, my husband's name is Konrad, but you can't have him! The other stuff, you can! Created by the woman behind Blissworld.com,Canadian Marcia Kilgore, Soap & Glory Cosmetics are delicately and femininely scented, leave skin gently scrubbed, soft and moisturized. No wonder my commitment phobia is waning.

Though the line can be bought in all Boots locations in the UK, I've so far seen it only in Target stores and online at Amazon.com. Here are my favourite products, and why I like them.

Shop at Target.com has:

Soap & Glory Glow Hydrating Shimmer Lotion
The irresistible scent is why I bought this lotion, the shimmer it gives is what will make me buy it again...and unfortunately, that is now rather than when I use it all. It was confiscated at the airport when I was too late to check in my baggage. Hopefully an LAX airport worker is using it as I'd hate to see it go to waste.
Calm One, Calm All Body Soak
With its lemon balm and mallow extracts, it gives yummy big bubbles with a heavenly scent. I pour a few capfuls in, let the bubbles grow and sink back to enjoy. Add a glass of wine and it's bound to live up to its name.
Put your best hand forward with the softening Great Shakes Hand Cream, $9.99.
The Scrub of Your Life body scrub leaves a lovely fresh scent on skin, but what I like most about it is that it helps to get rid of my dreaded upper arm bumps! It says so on the bottle and using it has proved to substantiate this claim.

I found it at Amazon.com for $14.99:

The Righteous Butter is great for when you want a body butter - I love to slather it on my legs after shaving as its rich formulation leaves them silky soft.

There are quite a few other products in the line but I often see empty shelves where they should be in Target, and some are only available for pre-order at Amazon.

Now, I can't say I won't try new things out (body and bath products...not men) but I will always keep Soap & Glory on hand as a favourite.


Kathryn said...

available in Canada?? sadly no Target north of the border (as you know)

ModernGear TV said...

Through Amazon, babe...I think that's it for now...