Monday, June 2, 2008

ModernGear Women: Sex and THE EIFFEL TOWER!

I am one of the few women in my circle who didn't attend a screening this weekend, of the hugely anticipated Sex and The City my $12.00 (or 13.00 or 14.00, what is it now?) at the box office wasn't a part of the $55.7M that helped the girls reach the top spot among the weekend's premieres. This number, according to the movie's wiki page, gives the movie a double distinction: "...the biggest opening ever for a romantic comedy. This is also the biggest opening box office for a movie with a female lead cast." Way to go, girls!

The buzz is, as always, about the fashion. The dresses! The Manolos! The feathers! And even though I haven't seen the movie yet, what has made my heart go pitter patter already is THAT EIFFEL TOWER HANDBAG! I love what Carrie is wearing in the opening sequence - the vibrant green dress and coat, the heavenly shoes but that bag? J'-freakin-adore.
Designed by Timmy Woods, it's such a lovely tribute to la Tour D'Eiffel that any woman who has ever been to Paris and fallen in love with the city and the tower, would want it. Speaking of going gaga over Paris, in the picture below that's exactly what I am doing, from atop the Eiffel Tower herself...
The more sedate, un-bedazzled version (oh yes, you're SUCH a plain Jane when you carry this bag!) costs $450.00 on Timmy Woods or Patricia Field's web sites. It's not a surprise that it's currently out of stock.
The version for Carrie that's all decked out with 6,300 Swarovski crystals comes in at $3000.00...and though you can order it from Timmy Woods or Patricia Field, I'll be content to simply admire it on screen. For that kind of money, I'd much rather take a trip to see the muse that inspired such a work of art.

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Don Mills Diva said...

I am going to see this on Wed. and I CAN'T wait. Thing is though I never could relate to the characters spending thousands (that they didn't really have) on clothing and shoes - I would rather use my money to scour the vintage flea market stalls in Paris!