Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Video - The Sonja Picard Collection

I've known jewelry designer Sonja Picard for around four years, and I have coveted almost all of the pieces in her collection since that time. Like all visionary designers, Sonja is constantly innovating and offering new lines, all of jewelry in silver and gold (and recently using precious gemstones) with a yogic influence.

I've always been very interested in her journey as an artist, moving from large-scale pottery pieces to these small-scale, delicate pieces. You could almost say she got her real start at the tender age of six, when she began to be captivated by decoration and adornment.

"I’ve always been attracted to jewelry; even as a small kid I wasn’t attracted to normal shoelaces," she says. "There had to be a bead on there or something, beads and things that were flowing and moving all the time..."

Sonja may just be the designer to go down in history as the first person to introduce yoga to the red the video below to see what I mean!

Fans of The Sonja Picard Collection include yoga lovers but you don't have to do yoga to wear the jewelry...having said that, don't be surprised if you find yourself becoming interested in it as a result of wearing these pieces with such strong divine meaning. And to Sonja, as important as outfitting yogis is adorning women who appreciate the design and the philosophy behind the pieces.

"The whole line is also based on the whole ancient form of decoration called shringar, which is adorning the feminine form," she explains. "In India one of the things that I most admire about the culture is that all the women hold in such high regard their decoration, how they wear their hair, why they wear earrings – to draw the eye – captivate the earlobe...even the sound of bells, it’s a very sweet sound. There’s so much for us to learn. How are you going to carry yourself through the day and jewelry can really say a lot about that."

Again in the interest of disclosure, I can tell you that I work with Sonja to help get news and developments from her company and jewelry design into the hands of the media, so that they can in turn let the public know about the wonderful work that she does.

With such beautiful designs and the philosophy behind them, I'm honoured to be a part of her journey and to share the story with you.

Check out Sonja's many designs at her web site - you can see the list of stores that sell her designs there as well. Namaste.

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The Sonja Picard Collection
Delta, BC

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Yoga World Studio
Long Beach, CA

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OMG Tam... what gorgeous pieces and such a beautiful philosopy behind them. Of course, I was all over the most expensive one too... the Mantra 7 Toggle Bracelet! Sweet.