Saturday, March 8, 2008

Show me the goods!

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback and compliments on the Sonja Picard Collection video! I LOVE her stuff.

When I lived in Vancouver I really enjoyed attending shopping at show/sales where different designers got together and displayed their wares on tables, music blared and sometimes you were lucky enough to even indulge in a sweet cupcake or even better martini...and tomorrow I am going to enjoy my first California sale experience with Appel and Frank!

I'm going to be shooting a video on the actual sale/event as the two organizers put on these shows regularly (I have always wanted to go to the San Francisco one) and I'd love to share it with you viewers.

I'm also going to be shooting a story on a soap company called Soapylove - and seriously, what a great name because oh yeah baby, I loves me some bath products - and finally, if it all works out, a story on a FANTASTIC hotel down there called The Keating.

I'll also network like a bunny in between frequent rests to try not to kill my swollen feet that only fit into shoes that offer zero support, so will hopefully have a ton of subjects from SoCal to cover later.

And oh yeah, get some romantic time in with hubby. Prrrrr.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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