Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ModernGear Women: Crazy for Casch Copenhagen

Hold me, for I'm about to swoon...I've just spent altogether too much time on the web page for Casch Copenhagen, collections from Gro Abrahamson (my new favourite designer), and then on Travelocity, checking out flights for Copenhagen. And then on e-mail with my husband, bringing up the possibility of a move there. Well okay, that last one is an exaggeration, but as a lover of things European and having made this new discovery, I can't say that won't ever happen.

A glance at Casch Copenhagen's Fall/Winter 07-08 lookbook might have you contemplating a move as well...

This line is, as are so many of my Euro faves, infinitely wearable, flattering, feminine, hip AND classic. The best word to describe the model's look is ingénue. I just love the pieces I've chosen and would love to own any of them.

One of my favorite online shopping sites, Active Endeavors, has this little beauty called the Lesley, for $288:

I LOVE the mod inspiration and would wear this with black tights and white patent go-go ankle boots I saw in a shop while scouting Danish mid-century furniture. Yes, white, to set off the contrast stitching...yuh-mer.

I'm not likely to get over my love of (obsession with?) European design, but as it turns out I might not have to book the international movers so quickly. Instead of relocating myself to
Denmark, when the baby weight is gone then I'll at least make the move to a store that carries the line, credit card in hand. Maybe I'll see you there...In case anyone wants to beat me to the punch (and because I couldn't button it up over the baby belly right now if I tried), please let me borrow it some day? I'll be a size 2 again soon.

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