Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Video - Gumdrops, the Wet Weather Boutique

I recorded this story back in October, 2007 when I was confident that ModernGear TV would start soon, so the reference to "Fall on the West Coast" was current at the time. The thing about this story is that it's still, and will always be, 100% relevant to the location!

The story, you see, was on a so-smart-I-wish-I-had-thought-of-that-idea store called Gumdrops. Once you've seen the video below, I think you'll be as excited about rain as I am! I attended the boutique's opening night bash and was so taken with the concept, its execution and its owner that I also pitched a story and got the assignment for the Globe and Mail Style section. (You can read the story by clicking on its picture, below the video.) It's also a testament to the 'hip factor' and the unique idea that it was also published online in the G&M's Report on Business. You can click on the picture to read it if you're interested, but my first opening ranks as one of my favourite to write so far:

Shanda Jerrett could barely wait for Vancouver's infamous yearly rains to begin. While locals got in a last few holes of golf under grey skies or ran the Grouse Grind before its trails got too mucky, she was overseeing the details for a brand new, unique retail store - Vancouver's first wet weather boutique.

It rains in kidding. I for one never, ever minded this and I minded
it even less than that when I finished recording this story and walked out with my spanky new rock-and-roll-inspired rainboots! The purchase
wasn't without some guilt, though...I'm a low-paid freelancer, after all, and if I bought everything wrote about, I'd end up broker-than-broke...(though well clothed and shod). So, I did another video that centred around my guilt, for the Shopping Confessions video contest.

I actually showed the video to my husband when it was done - I mean, the boots weren't doing me much good under my bed, were they?! I think almost any woman can identify with this...and I did hope to win the grand prize of $10,000 to help offset the purchase!

Actually, if you have a little secret purchase or bad shopping habit you'd like to get off your chest, the eBillme Shopping Confessions contest is back! You can win $1500 in cash and prizes every single month this year, and at the end of the year, the best video will win the grand prize of $15,000! (Almost makes you want to be bad, doesn't it?!)

Back to Gumdrops and my purchase...I have never gotten so much attention from a pair of boots in my life! Every time I wear them out, countless people stop and ask me where I got them, compliment them - and I'm talking men and women, from the very young to the very old! It's amazing how such a thing - a rubber boot worn in the rain - can actually spread a little sunshine.

And hey! No matter where you're reading this from, you too can spread the sun (soon) - Gumdrops' e-commerce site will be active soon, so from wet climates around the world (and even if you get no rain), you can soon get your hands on the best boots, coats, doggy gear and umbrellas too, for men, women, children, and man's best friend.

Contact info:

2029 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Ph: 604.733.1037

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